Sambhaji Chhatrapati should lead the movement; Chandrakantdada’s appeal | Chandrakant patil reaction on sambhaji chhatrapati maharashtra tour

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chandrakant patil

Kolhapur: MP Sambhaji Chhatrapati will once again tour the state for Maratha reservation. BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has welcomed this decision of Sambhaji Raje. Chandrakant Patil has appealed to Sambhaji Raje to lead this movement.

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Chandrakant Patil has made this appeal while interacting with the media. I would welcome the decision taken by Sambhaji Chhatrapati. I’m not big enough to congratulate. There is a great expectation from Sambhaji Raje. This movement needs someone to lead it. When the political reservation of OBC was gone, all the organizations were on the battlefield. The BJP had also come down. BJP joined the Maratha movement. But as BJP is a political party, it was given a political color. However, Sambhaji Raje is on the side of the party. If he leads, this movement will gain strength. This government does not open its mouth without pressing its nose. Sambhaji Raje should take note of this. The government will not open its mouth without pressing its nose. They should do that, said Patil.

I am not an authority

He also reacted to Nawab Malik’s statement. I have no authority to speak on the allegations made by Nawab Malik against the NCB. The system has answered what they have said. Attacking such a large system, the system issues a regular press release. He said that he would also issue a press release in today’s context.

That statement is not correct

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He also commented on NCP’s Sarvesarva Sharad Pawar’s press conference. It is said that this is the first raid on Sharad Pawar and his associates. It is common for income tax evasion to be investigated by the CBI. If it happens in the place of others, it works. If it happens to you, it is part of revenge. But he also said that the systems that Pawar spoke about should be answered.

Only Chitratai knows more about Rupalitai

NCP leader Rupali Chakankar will be appointed as the chairperson of the women’s commission. He also reacted to that. Rupali Chakankar is an old colleague of Chitratai Wagh in the NCP. So he may have made a statement based on some experience. It is important that someone becomes the president no matter why it is late and why it is not Rupalitai. Women are being oppressed. Therefore, it is important to appoint a president. He also tweeted that Chitratai must have tweeted as he knew more about Rupalitai.

Raut great personality

He also targeted Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut. They see women leaders working. Because there is invisible work. They have invisible eyes. We are ordinary people. We said we can’t see. What he will do is Sanjay in the Mahabharata. They see it all. Raut is a great personality, he said.

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(chandrakant patil reaction on sambhaji chhatrapati maharashtra tour)

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