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The Regina Police Service (RPS) purchased its first aircraft, a Cessna 182, which currently carries cameras and surveillance equipment installed on board.

The aircraft is currently in Saskatoon being outfitted but RPS hopes to have the aircraft patrolling the city by the end of October.

Elizabeth Popowich with RPS said they received the second-hand plane in April of this year.

Saskatoon has operated a similar flight for several years.

“If you can see the suspect from the air, watch the suspect until they stop the vehicle somewhere and call his arrest teams to take action on the ground, you have removed all serious danger to the public, the police and even the police. suspect each other,” said Popowich.

The Regina police helicopter was purchased from a dealer in Texas for just under $400,000 US The 2005 model Cessna will be based out of the Kreos hangar at the Regina airport. The materials will bring the final price to just over a million dollars with some money coming from proceeds of crime and SGI.

“We often use them to help members of the community who are in charge of finding people who may be involved. For example, in rest and press, property insurance policies can add up as well and so there is an advantage to SGI on that front,” said Tyler McMurchy with SGI.

The plane will do much of its flying at night and frequent traffic over the city may cause a noise disturbance for some residents.

The police are taking note of that and are installing a special muffler to make this plane quieter than most.


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