‘Raja of Lalbagh’ Mandal fined fifty four lakh rupees; Action of Mumbai Municipal Corporation for not filling potholes RS News

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Mumbai : The Municipal Corporation of Mumbai has fined Rs.366,000 to the ‘King of Lalbagh’ public festival board for not filling the pits dug to create obstacles for the darshan queue during Ganeshotsav. In the letter issued by the E Department of the municipality, it has been said that this penalty was imposed because the board did not fill 183 potholes dug on the footpaths and roads.

The ‘King of Lalbagh’ board has been given a notice by the ‘E’ department of the Municipal Corporation on 7th September. The road within the ‘E’ section was inspected by the municipal engineers on September 5. At that time, the ‘Raja of Lalbagh’ group T. B. Kadam Marg (from Dattaram Lad Marg Junction to Nekjat Maratha Bldg) has been constructed unauthorizedly without any permission from E Division Office. The letter states that 183 pits have been dug for the defense lines (barricades) made of bamboo on the island. 53 potholes have been dug on the footpath and 150 potholes on the road. According to the prevailing practice of the Municipal Corporation, a fine of Rs.366,000 has been levied for each pothole and Rs.

Displeasure of the board..

‘Raja of Lalbagh’ public festival board has expressed its displeasure over the letter of the Municipal Corporation. These barricades were erected in the Byculla area on the request of Kalachowki police. Therefore, we will pay his tax as per the rules, but it is not a penalty, expressed Sudhir Salvi, Honorary Secretary of the Board. T. B. Lalbagh’s circle does not go up to the road, but as per the instructions of the police, this protective road was erected for law and order. We will pay the amount as per rules, but we have not dug pits illegally, he added. Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Ramankant Biradar said that the penalty was levied as per the prevailing practice of the municipality.



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