Raigaon By-election: Three Candidates Withdrew Nomination

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Now 16 candidates will beat in the battle of Raigaon

SP candidate Dhiru did not get election symbol cycle

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Satna. On October 13, the last day of withdrawal of nominations for Raigaon by-election, two candidates Vandana and Rakesh Kumar withdrew their nominations. On October 12, Pushpraj had already withdrawn his papers. In this way, after withdrawing the nomination forms of a total of three candidates, now 16 candidates will try their luck in the Rann of Raigaon. With the completion of the process of withdrawal of nominations, the Returning Officer completed the process of symbol allotment. In this, the election symbol of SP was not allotted to the Samajwadi Party candidate due to non-issuance of cycle allotment by the Commission.

all eyes were
For the Raigaon by-election, Wednesday, October 13, was the last date for withdrawal of nominations. In the Joint Collectorate, all eyes were curious about those who took back the nomination papers. During this, people associated with Congress and BJP were also seen active here. Everyone’s curiosity was on the return of BJP’s rebel candidate Vandana. Here at 12.45 pm, independent candidate Rakesh Kumar reached before the RO and withdrew his form. After this, at 2.43 pm, shortly before the last time of withdrawal of nominations, at 2.43 pm, independent candidate Vandana Verma withdrew her nomination after reaching the Returning Officer. In this way, till the last time of withdrawal of nomination, the papers of total three people were returned.

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19 candidates in fray
A total of 19 candidates were left in the race after scrutiny of nomination forms. After the withdrawal of three people, now 16 candidates are left in the fray. It consists of two candidates Kalpana and Pratima from a recognized national party. The registered political parties include Upendra Dahyat, Dhirendra Singh Dhiru, Nand Kishore Prajapati, Pushpendra Bagri, Rajabhaiya Kori. Other independent candidates include Kalpana Verma, Daddu Prasad Ahirwar, Bachha Sinsodia, Bal Govind Choudhary, Dr Rajendra Kumar Verma, Rajendra Dohar, Rajesh Kumar Suryavanshi, Ram Garib Chaudhary and Ram Naresh Chaudhary.

Such was the end of the political script

Vandana Bagri, the younger daughter-in-law of Jugulkishore Bagri, who was a contender from the BJP, had filed her nomination as an independent candidate, taking the path of rebellion due to non-receipt of ticket. However, a day before the withdrawal of nomination, Vandana was persuaded to withdraw her nomination. But on the last day of withdrawal of nomination, Vandana was not seen reaching to withdraw the nomination. Here, the people of the BJP party who were in the RO room were getting worried. When the time for withdrawal of nominations was about half an hour left, the phone went to the floor managers of the BJP. There was a stir. In a hurry, the former JIP president, who had persuaded Vandana to withdraw her name, was once again given the responsibility. In view of the situation, Gaganendra immediately reached Vandana’s house. But here the story was different from yesterday. Devraj was once again adamant with his new demand. Vandana was barely persuaded and sent to the collectorate and Gaganendra also accompanied her in another car. Here Vandana’s agents started completing the process of withdrawal of names from RO. But the RO said that Vandana’s signature will be taken for the withdrawal of nominations. After this Vandana was brought to the RO room. Here as soon as Vandana gave the nomination withdrawal form to the RO, her tears spilled out. Wiping her tears, she stood with her head down. After this, even after completing the process, it came out disappointed. Coming here only he said that he has to stay with the party organization. Thus ended the political script that had been going on for several days.

SP did not get the cycle

The process of symbol allotment for the remaining candidates was started from 3 pm onwards. When the process reached SP candidate Dhirendra Singh Dhiru, the matter got stuck here. In the election symbols sent by the Election Commission for the candidates of registered political parties, the symbol of Shiv Sena was arrow arch but the symbol of Samajwadi Party was not a cycle. SP candidate Dhirendra Singh Dhiru was given air conditioner under the symbol allocation rules. Which the candidate opposed. On which guidance was sought from the commission. Due to which the symbol allocation process was delayed by about two hours. Ultimately, after the commission’s reply, the SP could not get their election symbol cycle.

Symbol allocation stalled for two hours

When the process of symbol allocation was going on and SP candidate Dhiru was being allotted air conditioner, he opposed it. They said that the symbol has been allotted in Niwari. Why is it not happening here? When this was inquired from Niwari, it was told from there that the cycle symbol has not been allotted to SP yet. After this, Returning Officer Neeraj Khare sent this information to the Election Commission and sought information regarding the allocation of symbols of the Samajwadi Party. On which clarification was issued after about two hours. In the matter, RO Neeraj Khare told that the commission has not given consent to the allocation of cycle symbol to SP. Therefore, they are not being given the cycle symbol. Air conditioners are being given to them under the symbol allocation process.

get this election symbol

Kalpana Verma – Indian National Congress – Hand

Pratima Bagri – Bharatiya Janata Party – Kamal

Upendra Dayat – Shiv Sena – Arrow Commander

Dhirendra Singh Dhiru – Samajwadi Party – Air Conditioner

Nand Kishore Prajapati – People’s Party of India (Democratic) – Basket containing fruits

Advocate Pushpendra Bagri – National Revolutionary Socialist Party – Almari

Rajabhaiya Kori – Sainik Samaj Party – Stick

Kalpana Verma – Independent – Save

Dupu Prasad Ahirwar – Independent – Room Cooler

Bachcha Sisondia – Independent – Auto Rickshaw

Bal Govind Choudhary – Independent – Kadhai

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Verma – Independent – Road Roller

Rajendra Dohar – Independent – Baby Walker

Rajesh Kumar Suryavanshi – Independent – Balloon

Ram Garib Choudhary – Independent – Bunk

Ramnaresh Chaudhary – Independent – Scissors

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