Rahul asks why PM Modi identifies himself as OBC if he says poverty in the country is only due to caste? ReadingS


“Have you ever seen BJP leaders urinating on animals? But you have seen them urinating on an adivasi. Adivasi is a revolutionary word…Adivasis are the real owners of the country. The BJP does not use this word because if they do, it will be them. I will have to return your land, your water, your forests to you.” ” said.

He said the word Vanvasi was an insult to tribals and the Congress would not accept it.

Gandhi said, “Earlier, Modi ji used the word vanvasi in his speeches, but now he avoids this word. He has changed his words, but he cannot change his thought. His thought is still to insult tribals.”

In his speech to Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi said that the only caste in the country was the poor and said: “We all know that there are Dalit, adivasi and people from the backward class in the country. If there is only one caste in the country, why does it call itself OBC?”

Attacking the BJP-led Centre, he said, “What does Modi ji do? (Asks) Give your lands to Adani ji? Adani ji snatches your lands and when you oppose, the BJP government puts bullets in you. Adanji ji grabs your lands, land and mines.”

news source (www.nationalheraldindia.com)


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