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It is not uncommon to find highly skilled individuals trying to make a living in our immediate surroundings. Statements like “They have a PhD but are struggling at home right now” underscore a stark reality: a degree does not guarantee a secure future; It is the skills that hold the key.

In Kashmir, there is a widespread belief that completing a degree equips individuals with the necessary qualifications for any job. But the harsh truth emerges when faced with questions regarding practical knowledge in a particular profession. Success depends on having basic skills, similar to a bricklayer who cannot build a wall without the necessary expertise.

Stories of those who achieve professional success without traditional degrees can be powerful catalysts for mindset change. Highlighting the importance of skills and the potential for success beyond traditional educational pathways can inspire Kashmiri youth to explore various avenues for personal and professional development.

One such example is Rubaitul Azad, a Web developer, Freelancer and Founder. Throughout his career, he has prioritized skills development that delivers tangible results.

Witnessing the uncertainty among today’s postgraduate graduates, it introduced Progress Plus, an education technology product under its parent organization Gigfolioo Technologies Private Limited.

Progress Plus stands out as the first edtech organization to operate as a Skill Development Organization in Kashmir, offering live mentoring sessions facilitated by top 1% industry experts. The organization offers a wide range of courses including Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Full Stack Development, Content Writing, UI/UX Design, Professional Freelancing and other high-demand courses across various industries.

This initiative transformed the lives of many; It not only gave them the opportunity to earn money, but also allowed them to freely demonstrate their expertise and build personal brands.

It is imperative to shift the focus from degrees to skills. Unemployment is not just due to job scarcity; It is mainly due to the lack of relevant skills. By investing in skill development programmes, promoting vocational training and encouraging mindset change, Kashmir can pave the way for a future where success can be achieved through skills, regardless of academic qualifications.

Progress Plus aims to bridge the gap between unemployment and skill acquisition in Kashmir. The organization helps individuals identify critical skills that are in demand across a variety of industries, including technical skills, soft skills, and digital literacy. Progress Plus is committed to empowering young people, providing them with the ability to navigate the digital environment and developing practical skills that can be directly applied to the job market. The organization also supports individuals in building portfolios and building professional networks.

The traditional belief that a degree guarantees employment is rightly being questioned. It is becoming increasingly apparent that success in the job market is intricately tied to one’s skills rather than the possession of a certification. Progress Plus is committed to aligning education with the demands of the labor market and is aware that this is vital in tackling the problem of unemployment.

(Masooma Riza)

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