Power rate hike shocks common man: Diwakar RS News

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Kalaburagi: September 24: This year, electricity rates have increased in the months of April and June, and now for the 3rd time, all the Eskoms in the state have increased the electricity rates from 24 to 43 paise per unit, giving a shock to the common people. Thus once again the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) unjustly increased electricity charges is extremely condemnable, Secretary of Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist) Party District Committee H.Vhi. Diwakar said.
The people of the state are reeling every day due to the increase in prices of essential items like vegetables, milk, yogurt etc. People have died due to heavy rains, houses have collapsed, crops have been destroyed, unemployment is rampant. In a statement, he expressed regret that it is unfortunate that the government, which should hold the hands of the people in such a crisis situation, has taken such an anti-people action to put the people in further hardship.
Governments with the ambition to privatize all public sectors have not left out the power sector. It is a known fact that all Eskoms were advised to buy coal from Adani, a businessman who imported coal unnecessarily. If the condition of common people’s life is so worrisome, it is reported in the newspapers that Adani, the country’s billionaire, is seeing an increase in wealth of 1600 crores per day and he is the richest in India. He criticized that the government is arguing that this price hike is necessary to match the fuel cost due to the substantial increase in coal prices while hiding this fact.
In addition, they have demanded that the government subsidize the provision of electricity, one of the minimum basic needs of the people, by abandoning measures to waive loans worth millions of crores of the country’s capitalists.
At the same time, he has called upon the people to come forward to demand the government to abandon the policy of electricity price hike which is leaving the people of the entire state in the dark.


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