Police interrogation of ten-year-old Muslim child who ‘accidentally’ went to Dasna temple

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Dasna temple priest and staunch Hindutva leader Yeti Narasimhananda Saraswati alleged that the child was sent to keep an eye on him. Police say that the said child was not familiar with the area and had inadvertently gone to the temple. After knowing the truth of his statement, he was released.

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Yeti Narasimhananda Saraswati standing with a child. (Photo: ScreenGrab)

New Delhi: Police interrogated a 10-year-old Muslim child after he ‘unintentionally entered’ the Dasna Devi temple in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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In a video going viral on social media, temple priest and staunch Hindutva leader Yeti Narasimhanand Saraswati alleged that the child was sent to keep an eye on him.

Narasimhanand also said that the community the child comes from has ‘trained killers’ of his age. In the video, Narasimhanand can be seen standing near the child.

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In the video, the priest is accusing the child that he had entered the temple for the purpose of doing Reiki. Narasimhanand said that the child has not been ‘touched or slapped’.

Pujari said that he wants to tell Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and all senior police officers that a conspiracy is being hatched to kill him (Narasimhanand).

However, the boy told the police that he had come to meet his pregnant sister-in-law, admitted at the Community Health Center (CHC) located next to the temple. He said that he had unknowingly entered the temple but was caught by the managers (including Narasimhanand) and handed over to the police.

Police said that after knowing the truth of the child’s statement, he was released.

Superintendent of Police (Rural) Iraj Raja said the boy’s family had come here a year ago and they were not familiar with the area, so the boy had unknowingly entered the temple.

Raja told that the management of Dasna Devi temple is not cooperating with the police and is refusing to search and check identity cards of the visitors who come to the temple during Navratri festival.

Raja said that a strict investigation is being done in the light of the incidents that happened earlier. He said that 50 policemen have been deployed to provide security to the priest.

Narasimhananda and his so-called disciples can be seen regularly delivering violent and provocative speeches against Muslims.

It is known that the Dasna temple came into controversy in March this year when a 14-year-old Muslim boy who went to drink water in the temple was brutally thrashed by a man named Shringi Nandan Yadav, who worked there. This person was arrested. However, later Narasimhanand supported the accused.

A video regarding this matter also went viral, in which the accused person is seen interrogating the victim after entering the religious place, asking her the name of the victim. On this the boy gives the name of himself and his father and says that he has come to drink water.

Soon after, the accused is seen abusing her and thrashing her brutally. In the video, the accused can also be seen continuously hitting the boy’s private part with his feet.

the wire In its report earlier also, Narasimhanand had given a statement to media organizations, in which he said that the students of selected educational institutions like Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia and Darul Uloom Deoband had true faith in the Constitution of India and cannot maintain allegiance and maintain the sovereignty and integrity of India.

Apart from this, a case was also registered against Narasimhanand in April this year for hurting religious sentiments by making indecent remarks against Prophet Mohammad during a press conference in Delhi.

Other than this the wire had told in a report that in February 2020, due to the hate speech given by Narasimhanand, terrible riots broke out in North East Delhi.

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