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Outraged by this situation a petition was created, which reached over 55,000 signatures, calling for the dismissal of Holly Willougby and Phillip Schofield from their morning show roles on ITV.

The duo were accused of avoiding the eight-hour queue to see the Queen lying in state by entering Westminster Hall through a side entrance.

Nightclubs in a few locations around the UK saw a way to use this situation to add a unique element to their clubbing experience.

Fever & Boutique on the Isle of Wight, Liquid and Envy in Oldham and Five Bar in Huddersfield will have an offer running this weekend (Friday, September 23 to Sunday, September 25) for people called Holly or Phil to jump the queue.

Fever & Boutique posted on its Facebook page: “Is your first name Holly or Phil?!

“For reasons we haven’t even decided yet, if your name is Holly or Phil we’re giving you a FREE CUWW NUMBER this weekend at Fever & Boutique!”

Posting on their Instagram, Pum Bar Huddersfield posted: “yes! That’s right, if you’re lucky enough to be called Holly or Phil you won’t be publicly queued #Quegate”.

Meanwhile Liquid and Envy in Oldham posted on their Facebook: “Called Holly or Phil? Well don’t bother queuing this weekend as we’re giving you a queue jump!!!”

Reference was also made to David Beckham waiting in the queue by saying: “Soz David’s, you’ve got to queue still”.

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Those wishing to take advantage of this offer will need to show ID to prove their real name is Holly or Phil.

How did Holly and Phil react to accusations of dodging the queue?

On Tuesday morning’s installment of This Morning, Holly Willoughby addressed the outrage admitting that they “completely understand”.

During a segment looking back over the period of national mourning, Holly said: “Like hundreds of accredited journalists we were given permission to enter the hall.

“The rules were that we would be escorted quickly through an entrance and not single file passing the coffin.

“None of the broadcasters and journalists took anyone’s place in the queue.

“We of course respected their opinion. You know we would never jump a queue.”


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