Peace started returning to Northeast, Army handed over command of anti-insurgency operation to Assam Rifles RS News

New Delhi: The Northeast region of India has seen a lot of bloodshed due to insurgency for decades, but today this region is going through a major change. There has been a significant reduction in the cases of violence here. Due to this, the army, reducing its responsibility, has now handed over the command of the already ongoing anti-insurgency operation to the Assam Rifles. Military sources gave this information to ThePrint.

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The Army had a full-fledged corps for counter-insurgency (CI) and counter-terrorism (CT) – the 3 Corps based in Dimapur – along with several other units in this area that was at the height of insurgency. This meant that more than three army divisions were fully deployed to conduct counter-insurgency and counter-insurgency operations.

Defense establishment sources said that apart from two divisions of the Assam Rifles, the 3 Corps had three divisions of its own, making it the largest corps in the Indian Army. However, the responsibility of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) was also with him. The 3 Corps on the LAC is engaged in the security of the ‘Rest of Arunachal Pradesh’ area.

He had earlier informed that apart from a division of 3 Corps, reserve troops and other contingents of all the other two corps – 33 and 4 – under the Eastern Command were also involved in counter-insurgency and counter-insurgency operations.

However, the situation has improved dramatically in the last few years and the Center has been seen to withdraw the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in three states. The Army has almost completely withdrawn all its troops from CI/CT operations in the area and has been assigned the primary role of conventional combat preparation.

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