Paytm Dogs! This is real backache : Nara Lokesh RS News

Amaravati: ‘Paytm Dogs! Nara Lokesh, National General Secretary of TDP said, ‘This is real backstabbing’. Earlier, Nara Lokesh tweeted after watching the clipping of the interview given by senior leader of Congress party Vundavalli Arun kumar to a TV channel. He said that Undavalli Arun Kumar YSR (YSR) was made the first accused by his own son.

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In the video, Undavalli stated that Jagan said, ‘Going to the Supreme Court is a mistake made by Rajasekhara Reddy and his cabinet.. What does it have to do with me?’ Nara Lokesh shared the video clip where Undavalli spoke at that time.. ”’Paytm dogs! This is real back pain. Jagan Reddy, the evil son, went all the way to the Supreme Court and accused YSR in corruption cases. You are not making baseless accusations. Revealing with solid evidence. Abboy Jagan Redde made YSR the first defendant,” Nara Lokesh said on Twitter.



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