Shyam Sundar Nishad’s mother, says Hari Om Mishra’s mother, could not forget the video with his son covered in blood – better shot than this

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Hari Om Mishra and Shyam Sundar Nishad are among those who were killed in the violence by ‘farmer protesters’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri. These are two such names, about which not much came in the mainstream media and despite being small farmers, leaders like Rakesh Tikait did not raise their voice for them. But, two families lost their only earning sons. Their reds were snatched from the lap of two mothers.

Shyam Sundar Nishad covered in blood, folded hands: Mother can’t forget the video

First of all let’s talk about Shyam Sundar Nishad. You all must have seen his video. His wife is unable to watch that video. This is the video of his last time, when he is begging for his life from the ‘farmer agitators’. Imagine what must have happened to a mother who must have seen a video of her son pleading with folded hands covered in blood and murderers beating him up.

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Shyam Sundar Nishad’s mother’s name is Phoolmati. She started crying bitterly as soon as she started talking about her son. Then she tells how her son’s body was bleeding continuously and sticks and sticks were running. She then narrates how the perpetrators of the violence are forcibly telling her that the minister has sent her to crush the farmers, while she has repeatedly denied. That’s all the video was about.

Phoolmati says that after this she could not see anything because the video stopped coming. She repeatedly remembers only that video, in which Shyam Sundar Nishad, covered in blood, is begging for life with folded hands. She remembers how her son was slashed with sticks and swords and kept saying that the minister had not sent him. She talks about this video many times, she cannot forget it.

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She says that everyone has seen the video, the people who are killing her are the killers. She says, “My son was begging for his life with folded hands. There is an uproar. We have seen in the video. Everyone has seen the video. Has also appeared on TV. He kept saying that he was going to welcome (Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya). It has caused a lot of pain to my son. He used to be happy, he did not leave. Blood is running from the head. The hands are stained with blood.”

Hari Om Mishra: The mother has accepted the death of the son, but the way she died…

This was the pain of Shyam Sundar Nishad’s mother. Now let’s talk about Hari Om Mishra. His mother says that his family is also a farmer, apart from agriculture, what else do they have? He has convinced his mind that his son is no longer in this world. But, she could not forget the manner in which the murder took place. She says that they would have shot, would have pressed their neck, but they have been stabbed with sword and spear, even then there is no evidence of what happened.

She says that she is a good mother who has lost her son, but the whole village is crying for Hari Om Mishra. She tells how no one can even believe that Hariom is gone. She says, “My son used to say that mother, we are laborers, we live where we get little money. Even the children loved him. He was called ‘Hariom Chachu’. Everyone is crying for him. Everyone is sad for him.”

Let us tell you that seeing the condition of Hari Om Mishra’s house, it seems as if it is an old warehouse which has been lying vacant for years. Above is the roof of the Elvester. There are rags and shrubs growing at home. There are tin doors. On going inside, Hari Om Mishra’s brother finds his father wearing clothes. Sick and old father cannot even sit up. From defecation to them, Hari Om himself used to do the right work of his service.

(This ground report is covered by Aditya Raj Bharadwaj for OpIndia)

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