Congress clashed with each other for samosas, gave dirty abuses to each other

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In India full of diversity, although every place has its own specialty and its own food, but in North India, samosas have their own identity. It is often joked that if you do not get samosas, then there will be a war. Now this joke has become a reality. In the latest case, Congress leaders in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh actually clashed with each other over this.

The case dates back to October 6, 2021, when Congress leaders and activists were protesting against the arrest of Priyanka Gandhi and the Lakhimpur incident. The Congressmen were disrupting the traffic, after which the police detained everyone and took them to the police line. Irshad Ullah, the Congress secretary of Prayagraj at the police station, brought samosas to be distributed among the party workers. During this he saw that party’s district spokesperson Haseeb Ahmed took three samosas. Because of this, he got crowded with Ahmed. The talk between the two increased so much that both of them started abusing each other as mother and sister.

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Congress General Secretary Nafees Anwar tried to defuse the situation and warned the leaders that they were not at home. Despite this, he did not stop and kept fighting. After this, the police intervened and pacified the matter.

In this case, SP City Dinesh Kumar Singh told that the Congress workers were protesting on the road, due to which the police had detained them. When they were in the police line, some of them started fighting over some issue. FIR has been registered against them.

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The extent is that the Congress party itself has also given support to the party workers fighting over the samosas.

On October 14, Congress leader and party’s national media panelist Surendra Rajput was irked by a tweet by Bharatiya Janata Party’s state spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi. Actually, Rakesh Tripathi shared a video of Congress leaders fighting over samosas. Tripathi had written, “The Congress leaders were furious after seeing three samosas in the hand of another Congress leader. They abused and beat each other up. Now a case has been registered. Poor Congressman.”

Expressing displeasure over Chaudhary’s tweet, Rajput said, “You people are fighting for crores, fighting to sell the country. We are fighting only for samosas.” Along with this, the Congress spokesperson demanded the BJP to provide food for the protesters. He further said, “You people are earning so much, take some care of the guards of democracy.”

credit: twitter

Replying to Rajput’s tweet, the BJP leader tweeted a lion. He wrote, “An unnamed poet’s Sher Arj is on the samosas…let’s decorate the gathering like this today, you arrange for tea, we bring samosas.”

While talking to OpIndia, Tripathi said, “The Congress party is disappointed and desperate. Whenever it comes to power, it loots the common people. It has been almost 32 years since Congress ruled Uttar Pradesh, but the character of Congress has not changed. It is noteworthy that they cannot even tolerate more samosas in someone’s plate and try to rob them. This was visible in his own program, when Congress workers fought because more than one of them had more samosas. The saying ‘the rope may have been burnt, but the spasm is not’ fits perfectly in this scenario.”

Recently, on Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, Congress leader Haseeb Ahmed was in the news after an old video asking Mahatma Gandhi to ‘come back’ went viral.

In the video, sad Ahmed can be seen crying. However, Gandhiji does not even wrinkle the face of his colleague holding the picture. It can also be seen that three of his other supporters, unaware of the sentimentality of this Congressman, are standing behind him. One of them was smiling.

The Congress leader cried and said, “Bapu, you come. This country needs you again. The people of the country want to see you again. Either you call us people to you. Let us get rid of the lies, deceit and deceit that they are doing to rob people in the country.

In January 2020, he was found crying in a cemetery. They were praying to their ancestors buried in the graveyard to prove their citizenship in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. It may be noted that CAA is not applicable to Indian citizens and if Ahmed is an Indian citizen then he will not be required to prove his citizenship. He has also made tremendous posters for Priyanka Gandhi. You can read about them in detail here.

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