Organic jaggery is blooming along the banks of Bhima river; Industry started by highly educated youth RS News

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Nangaon; Leading News Service: Today’s highly educated youth are seen running after jobs. Looking for a job for many years, many years of life pass and the next life is seen to be living innocently. However, Pargaon Sa. Hon. Two well-educated youths from (Daund) Ranadive and Parikshit Ranadive started their business by producing jaggery, kakvi and jaggery powder organically, following their father’s footsteps and are becoming successful. This business started by him will really inspire other youngsters.

Kantilal Dadaso Ranadive here is highly educated. In the beginning, they were growing sugarcane, onion, lemon etc. using chemical method in home farming. However, in the interim, after coming in contact with Vasudha Sardar, a senior social activist and organic farmer, he started organic farming on a small scale. During this time, his two children, Parikshit and Parikshit, were helping their father in the agricultural work along with education.

Parikshit’s education is B.Com., while Parikshit’s is C. A. Such education has taken place. Earlier, after preparing organic sugarcane in agriculture and straining it on another gurhal, jaggery and kakvi prepared in different shops, stalls, in different districts in the initial period started to be given on motorbikes. At the same time, he decided to make his own gurhal and make his own jaggery. Finally in 2019, they built a good type of gurhal for making jaggery.

Young people are seen following the rules of the industry. They have started their business following all the permits and rules and conditions required for the industry. Firewood, wood etc. are being used for burning. It has been heated in a modern way and the heat generated is not allowed to waste. Jaggery produced here is organic and kakvi and jaggery powder are chemical free. Foods are also tested in the laboratory.

Proper cleanliness of the gurhal is taken
The barn is well-sanitized and pest control sprays are done periodically. Due to which pests like ants and insects do not come in the barn. A kancher machine has also been installed in the barn. They pay good attention to the living arrangements and health of the workers in the barn.


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