On protesting, the accused attacked the husband with a stick. When the husband protested, the accused beat him up with a stick RS News

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Police Station Malarna Dungar

A case of obscene act with a woman who went to graze goat in the forest came to light. When the woman told the husband, the accused assaulted her husband and humiliated her with casteist words. The case is of a village under Malarna Dungar police station area.

In this case, the woman’s husband has lodged a report at Malarna Dungar police station. In the report, the woman told that on Friday evening she was grazing a goat in the forest. During this, the accused Laddu’s son Bhoraya Gurjar did obscene acts with the woman. The woman informed her husband about the incident after reaching home. The woman’s husband went to the house of the accused and accused him of committing obscene acts. The accused then abused the woman’s husband and humiliated him with casteist words.

When she resisted, the accused beat her up. The victim along with his wife reached the Malarna Dungar police station and lodged a police report against the accused. At present, on the report of the woman’s husband, the police have registered a case of assault including indecent acts and insulting her with caste-indicative words. The investigation of the case has been handed over to CO City Rajveer Singh Champawat.

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