‘November Digital Festival 2023’ in Bhopal; Midi Minuit Describes a ‘Barrier-Free World’ Reading Sexy News


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): At the Alliance Française de Bhopal gallery, the works of 11 French artists depicting the stories of timeless moments in 3D sketches attract the attention of art lovers.

An art expert can look at the endless cycle between day and night through the eyes of world-famous artists. Each work speaks a different language. Together they each tell a story; A world without barriers.

It is part of the augmented reality exhibition Midi Minuit organized by Alliance Française de Bhopal as part of ‘Novembre Numérique Festival 2023’.

Illustrator and animator Johan Papin’s Windows, Lila Poppin’s Tarot, Florent Remiso’s The Birds, Juliaon Roels’ The Knight, Théo Guignard’s A Strange Encounter, Vincent Mahé’s Mars and Other magnificent works of his were showcased at the exhibition.

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The exhibition was curated by Aurblion Joannoy, founder and artistic director of Maison Tangible. “Midi Minuit was born from the desire to bring together the crème de la crème of French illustration around a single theme. “Most of them come from the world of animation, so it seemed very natural to take these artists on a journey into the endless cycle of days gone by,” said Joannoy. In addition to the exhibition, the VR (Virtual Reality) Artworks Program 2023 also attracted great interest from art lovers. Visitors used virtual reality headsets to see Paris. One can experience the six monuments of. Student Anamika said, “I saw this type of exhibition for the first time in Bhopal, it was an incredible and wonderful experience.”

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