No sign of online voting for Toronto, despite use in other GTA regions RS News

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Although online voting is now an option in some surrounding areas such as Ajax, Pickering and Markham, City of Toronto officials say they have no immediate plans to implement this method of voting in the city.

At a news conference Thursday, Deputy City Clerk Fiona Murray told reporters that the city’s chief technology and information security officers both said they don’t believe online voting is a secure method of voting right now, and the city has ” Selected not to use it for both security and accessibility reasons.

“We will continue to explore online voting as the years progress,” she said.

The city is running on the fact that voters across the city can vote by letter for the first time in a general election this year.

The deadline for people to register to vote by mail is Friday at 4:30 p.m. More information can be found on the city’s website.

Murray said about 20,000 people are registered to vote by mail right now, and she expects that number to rise to about 35,000 people by the deadline.

“We are extremely confident in the security of the voting by mail process,” City Clerk John Elvidge said.

Toronto is 15 days away from the start of advance polling and 32 days from Election Day, Elvidge noted. Early voting begins Friday, October 7th and runs through Friday, October 14th.

The city is also getting new vote-counting equipment for the election with new security features, he said, replacing equipment that was about 20 years old and expensive to maintain.

“We have been busy preparing for the 2022 election for some time,” he said.


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