No need for Andhra: Banjar Prakash Swamiji’s statement on Pager Sreesanth | Bengaluru Freedom Park


No need for Andhra: Banjar Prakash Swamiji’s statement on Pager Sreesanth | Bengaluru Freedom Park

Jnanaprakash Swamiji

BANGALORE: The pagers have refused to make Ambedkar’s daughter a daughter. Avru shame on this ground law. Do not ask for a banana buttermilk in our colony of Dalits. Buttakikalva is a walk to Dalit colony, without drinking a single buttermilk. Jnanaprakash Swamiji has stated in Freedom Park what is wrong with the words of the swan. We have been told that these are very dear to us.

A few days ago, the famous film music director and cinematographer Hansalekha played a controversial speech in Mysore about the pager. Against this backdrop, the controversy was loud on the social networking site. There were protests after the incident. A police complaint was also filed against Hansalekha. Jnanaprakash Swamiji made this statement today.

Hansalekha, the music director who shed tears in front of the investigating officer
The Basavanagudi police had on Thursday questioned the music director Hansalekha, who had made an objectionable statement about the late Swamiji Vishweshtha Tirtha of the Pejavar Math. Hansalekha was upset about his statement. In addition, sources said that the investigator shed tears. I don’t know why I said that. I had no intention. Said in the burden of speech. My wife was bored of my statement. Never in my life had I done that. Hansalek told me that I had made such a statement.

I had no intention of offending any religion or caste. This statement has set my career back. She had tears in front of the Hansalakshi inspector that she had suffered so much pain. Sources say that after the five minutes he improved and made eye contact.

Speaking at an event in Mysore a few days ago, Hansalekha, who was talking about the upper caste and lower caste, caste discrimination and caste menace, used derogatory sentences. Ambedkar also referred to the issue. Hansalekha’s talk about Pagevara Shri has caused controversy on the social networking site. People made various comments on Facebook and shared the video.

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