‘Negotiations with the IMF are great news for the public’ Shamshad Akhtar ReadingS


Talks with the IMF: Caretaker Finance Minister announced the good news to the public

Islamabad: Caretaker Finance Minister Shamshad Akhtar, while announcing the good news regarding the talks with the IMF, said that no more burden will be placed on the people.

Shamshad Akhtar stated that the federal government will follow an austerity policy in expenditures and assured the IMF that the budget deficit will be kept under control by reducing expenditures.

The finance minister said that the talks with the IMF are progressing positively and that the IMF has full confidence in the actions of the Congress government.

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He said that the IMF gave assurances about the Benazir Income Support Program and development expenditures, and that the Minister of Finance held policy level discussions with the IMF delegation.


In the policy level talks held between Pakistan and the IMF the other day, increasing income, reducing expenditures, dollar entry plan, exchange rate and institutional reforms were discussed.

The IMF agreed that the caretaker government should not impose new taxes, and according to sources, the tax target will remain at 9 billion 415 billion.

According to sources, Pakistan has fulfilled all the important conditions of the IMF for the initial review, the agreement will be finalized at the staff level in the policy level negotiations and after the successful completion of the review negotiations, Pakistan will receive $71 million. .

news source (dailyausaf.com)


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