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Navaratri 2022: Sri Devi Sharannavaratri celebrations in Andhra Pradesh have started a bit early. Arrangements are being made to organize Dussehra Celebrations in famous shrines and temples. From the 26th, the goddesses are getting ready to receive special pujas along with special decorations for nine days. All the famous temples will become crowded during these Navratri times. On the other hand, in Nellore (Nellore) the noise of Devinnavaratri festival is being witnessed then. For the first time in the country, a saree was brought from Ashtadashashakti peethas for the Nellore Navratri celebrations. Devotees arrived in large numbers to see the saree. As part of Dussehra celebrations, special arrangements were made under the leadership of Nellore Rural MLA Kotam Reddy. For the Sharannavaratri mahotsavam, sarees, akshintas, saffron, anointing water and special saree were brought from Ashtadasa Shaktipetha. Three days before the festival, Amma’s Shobhayatra was conducted in grandeur.

As part of the Dussehra celebrations, this Shobhayatra was conducted from the local TTD Kalyana Mandapam to the Rajarajeshwari Ammavari Temple. Amma was paraded in three palanquins accompanied by TTD musical and dance groups. Sarees of Ashtadasha Shaktipethas were a special attraction in this Shobha Yatra. And Adisankaracharya’s procession was a feast for the eyes. Simhapuri resounded with the names of the goddess. Read this: Warning to the farmers of Amaravati.. We will fly and cut them down if they come in our way.. On the other hand, there is a commotion of flexes in the temple. Arrangements are being made for them without any problems. Durgagudi EO Bhramaramba revealed the details after the coordination committee meeting held on Dussehra arrangements. Evo Bhramaramba said that it is estimated that 10 lakh devotees will come during Dussehra. Arrangements were made after considering all the suggestions in the coordination committee meeting. He said that the arrangements are almost complete except for minor works.

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Special lighting is going to be arranged on Indrakiladri. 21 lakh prasads are being prepared. Also, this time for the devotees who come to visit the goddess, free, 100 rupees, 300 rupees queue lines and a special queue line for VIPs have been set up, said Evo Bhramaramba. He said that strict arrangements have been made so that the devotees do not stop anywhere. Read this: Junior NTR distanced himself from TDP..! Is that the reason? Earlier, 300 showers were arranged, but this time 800 showers have been arranged. Special arrangements have been made for the elderly and disabled. They said that no almsgiving was organized this year, but food packets are being given to the devotees. He also said that there is no darshan of the inner space.

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