Navi Mumbai: Mundan protest against MIDC to save trees RS News

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Unnecessary and illegal felling of trees is going on in Belapur industrial belt of Thane near Navi Mumbai. To stop this felling of trees, an environmental charity organized a Mundan protest at the MIDC office entrance. On this occasion Paksha Pooja of the cut trees was performed.

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Tree felling in the name of road repair

As 2 thousand 829 trees were obstructed by the engineering department of MIDC, the process of tree felling was taken up for the repair of the road. In reality, many of these trees were not causing any obstacle in road construction. What is special is that the roads were being repaired. Why sacrifice the trees when the roads were not going to be widened? Such a question is being asked by the Navi Mumbai Environment Charitable Organization. Many statements have been given in this regard.

Tree felling keeping citizens in the dark

As per the provisions of the Act, the permission process for these trees is intended to be given at the government level. However, lovers of paradise raised their voice about this. After that, the administration verbally said that the work has been suspended for the time being. In reality, trees are being killed every day, keeping the environment-loving citizens in the dark. The organization has claimed that the objection notice regarding this tree felling was given in a low consumption current paper of another city (Thane).

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Illegal felling of trees should be stopped

Ignoring the demand to take action against the contractors who fell trees before implementing the permission process, these contractors are being monitored. However, the concerned authorities and the guilty contractor should be investigated and action should be taken as per 21 of the Tree Conservation (Urban Areas) Act and this contractor should be blacklisted. Also the slaughter of these trees should be stopped. These demands were made. In this regard, a direct visit statement was given several times, but no action or reply was given. Therefore, the environment organization staged a Mundan protest at the entrance of MIDC’s office in Mahape. On this occasion, the fallen trees were also worshiped.

Warning of severe agitation if not responded

At this time, a warning statement was given to the Executive Engineer of MIDC. MIDC officials refused to comment on this. We are not at all opposed to development work. However, we are against killing trees unnecessarily. Balasaheb Shinde, President of Environmental Services Future Association, warned that even now if the MIDC officials do not give a positive response, more intense agitation will be carried out.


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