Naradham’s husband gives electric shock as wife does not leave the house; Incidents that disgrace humanity in Nandurbar | Attempt to kill wife by giving electric shock in Nandurbar


Naradham was given an electric shock by his husband as his wife was not leaving the house

Nandurbar: A shocking incident has taken place in Nandurbar where the first wife did not leave the house and with the help of the second wife tried to kill her with electric shock. The victim’s name is Lakshmi Patle. A case has been registered against the woman’s husband and two others at Taloda police station. Police are investigating further. The three accused are father-in-law Jaysingh Kharde, husband Mukesh Jaysingh Kharde and his second wife Geeta. (Attempt to kill wife by giving electric shock in Nandurbar)

What’s the matter?

A few years ago, Lakshmi Patle had an affair with Mukesh Jaisingh Kharde of Malda. But within a few days after the marriage, Lakshmi and Mukesh started quarreling. As a result, Lakshmi got angry with her family and left. Meanwhile, accused Mukesh got remarried to another woman named Geeta. Upon learning of her husband’s second marriage, Lakshmi returned to her mother-in-law. This started an argument between Mukesh and Lakshmi. The couple had been arguing for the past few days. The woman’s husband Mukesh Kharde, father-in-law Jaisingh Kharde and Mukesh’s second wife Geeta gave Lakshmi an electric shock to get Lakshmi out of the house.

Plaintiff Lakshmi Patle was injured in this inhuman incident. After treating her at the hospital, Lakshmi Patle went to the Taloda police station and registered a case against the accused husband, father-in-law and husband’s second wife. Police have registered a case against the three under other sections, including domestic violence. Taloda police are investigating the incident.

Shocking type of ‘sex tourism racket’ exposed in Mumbai

Police are cracking down on sex tourism rackets while the youths are being taken to Goa as the Mumbai police are finding it difficult to engage in prostitution. While on their way to Goa from Mumbai, a Crime Branch team arrested two women brokers near the airport and remanded them in police custody for a day. The arrested women brokers are Aabrun Khan and Varsha Parmar. Two young women have been rescued from the clutches of these women brokers.

21 crore worth of heroin smuggled from Rajasthan to Mumbai

The Aryan Khan cruise drugs case has been under discussion for the last few days. After that, NCB raided many places in Mumbai. Also, a large number of items were seized during the NCB raids. In particular, the Mumbai Police is conducting a special operation against drug suppliers, keeping an eye on different types of drug suppliers. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Datta Nalawade, 7 kg of heroin was seized from a woman and the value of the seized drugs was estimated at Rs 21 crore. (Attempt to kill wife by giving electric shock in Nandurbar)

Other news

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