Nanded tops Marathwada in ‘e-crop survey’, public awareness result | Nanded ranks first in marathwada in e crop inspection initiative benefits from awareness

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Latur: There is only two days left to register crops through e-crop survey. Therefore, district wise statistics are now coming to the fore. Nanded district, which has created awareness in various ways since the beginning of this campaign, has bagged the first number in Marathwada. Crop sowing registration started on August 15. Since then, revenue and agriculture department officials had visited the dam to raise awareness among more farmers. That is why 3 lakh 52 thousand 691 farmers have been registered in Nanded district. Besides, District Collector Vipin Itankar has appealed to more farmers to register in the remaining two days.

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19 lakh 62 thousand 64 peras have been registered in eight districts of Marathwada. Three lakh 52 thousand 691 entries have been made in Nanded district. These registrations are highest in Marathwada. Latur is second and Osmanabad district is third.

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At the beginning of the campaign, the farmers were ignoring this, but the revenue department officials were saying that it was the responsibility of the farmers. As a result, initially there were fewer entries in Nanded district. After the matter came to the notice of District Collector Vipin Itankar, he had ordered to go to the villages and inform the farmers about the app. At the village level, young people who know the latest system were recruited. As a result, enrollment has increased. Due to various initiatives, Nanded district has recorded the highest number of crop sowings.

These are the benefits of e-Crop Survey

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1) ‘E-Crop Survey’ app will provide accurate record of farmers’ crop sowing. This will neither harm the farmers nor cheat the government.
2) Due to this April record, accurate statistics of how much crop has been sown in the state and country will be available with a single clicker.
3) Accurate crop statistics can be used to make estimates about production. This will also make available seed fertilizer in future. The benefit of crop registration on the farm group will also be used to tell how much area has been produced in the country.
4) The photograph of the crop will help to understand the latitude and the length of the crop which has been sown.
5) It will be possible to register 20 farmers from one mobile. This is why not every farmer has a mobile.

Records in Marathwada

Nanded 3,52,691 Latur – 3,03,070 Osmanabad – 2,56,038, Jalna – 2,40,612, Beed – 2,35,082, Aurangabad – 2,16,778, Hingoli – 1,87,163, Parbhani – 1,40,630 (nanded-ranks) -first-in-marathwada-in-e-crop-inspection-initiative-benefits-from-awareness)

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