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Mumukshu Ishita Greets In Shule

Sadhumargi Jain Sangh Bangalore

Bangalore. Mumukshu Dr. Ishita Bardia was felicitated at SS Jain Sadan Ashoknagar Shule under the aegis of Sadhumargi Jain Sangh, Bangalore. Sangh President Mohanlal Chopra felicitated Mumukshu Diksharthi sister and Bardia family. He said that the Bardia family has brought pride to the Sadhumargi Jain Sangh, Bangalore Sangh, by dedicating their beloved daughter to the Sangh and Gurucharan. Many thanks to the initiator and the Veer Bardia family. While doing excellent worship of the path of restraint, he IGed his best wishes for moving forward on the path of salvation.
Former union president Kamal Sipani congratulated Mumukshu and the family.
Babita Gulgulia, the newly elected president of Samta Mahila Mandal, IGed her views. Brother Vineet Bardia presented Sanyam Geetika. Father Pradeep Kumar Bardia kept his IGions.
Mumukshu Dr. Ishita Bardia IGed her gratitude to the parents and Acharya, Upadhyay Pravar and Sangh for their support in reaching the Sanyam Yatra. Honoring Mumukshu on behalf of Samata Mahila Mandal, Bangalore, she filled the shell by wearing a chundadi. All the office bearers and members of Sadhumargi Jain Sangh, Samta Mahila Mandal, Samta Yuva Sangh felicitated Mumukshu and Bardia family by dedicating tilak, safa shawl garland and congratulatory letters. Sureshkumar Dak, Vice President of Karnataka Andhra Zone also IGed his views. Sadhumargi Jain Sangha Mysore Minister Sushil Kumar Nandawat read out the letter of congratulations on behalf of Mysuru Sangh. In the ceremony, Nirmal Kumar Mogra, Manohar Lal Bamb IGed their views towards the initiator and the Veer family. Directed by Ashok Nagori.