Mukul Sangma on Congress: ‘Thought without body is the main reason for defeat of Congress’ After joining tmc, ex meghalaya chief minister mukul sangma attacks congress


Mukul Sangma on Congress: ‘Thought without body is the main reason for defeat of Congress’ After joining tmc, ex meghalaya chief minister mukul sangma attacks congress

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New Delhi: Yesterday, Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress joined the All India Trinamool Congress along with 11 MLAs. The merger has raised questions about the existence of the Congress in Meghalaya. But the Congress has no hesitation in that either. This attitude of the Congress was sharply ridiculed by Mukul Sangma, the former Chief Minister of Meghalaya who had just joined the Trinamool Congress.

“We are fighting for the election,” he said on Thursday. It can continue. It is because of this attitude of the Congress that we have come out of that party. ” On this day, Dr. Sangma analyzed the reasons for the defeat in the last election. He said that in the last few years, the Congress has become weak in various states, but the Congress has no plans to strengthen its strength from that weakness. Have you talked to the Congress leadership before joining the grassroots? In response to this question, he said, “It is very unfortunate that despite having so many senior leaders in the Congress party, we have not been able to find anyone.” It’s not that Mukul Sangma didn’t try to talk! Mukul Sangma has repeatedly tried to talk to the top leadership of the Congress but failed. ”

After winning the Bengal elections for the third time, the Trinamool turned a blind eye to national politics. From then on, leaders from different parties in one state after another started joining Mamata’s party. At that time many people were claiming that the sudden spread of grassroots in different states was due to the hands of the skilled Prashant Kishore. On this day, the statement of the former Chief Minister of Meghalaya accepted that demand. Apparently, he has talked to Prashant Kishore more than once. Prashant offered him to join the grassroots. He said, “I was just talking to myself about what to do at the moment! At that time, Prashant suggested me to join the grassroots. ”

It may be mentioned that 12 Congress MLAs from Meghalaya including Mukul Sangma joined Trinamool yesterday. After that they talked to two ministers of West Bengal Manas Bhuiyan and Malay Ghatak. Joining the Trinamool Congress, Mukul said, “We were confident that we would come to power in the 2016 Assembly elections. But for some reason we did not get an absolute majority, but as a result of the vote, we emerged as the largest party. But then you all know the method by which the government was formed in Meghalaya. The role of the opposition in democracy is immense. The main responsibility of the opposition party is to prevent anti-people activities and to point out wrong shots in the government. We have tried to fulfill that responsibility. But I am forced to say that we have not been able to follow the policy of the opposition properly. We had to compromise with the public interest while adhering to the party policy. That is why we have made this decision. “

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