Mr India Ajinkya Gaikwad shock death case, crime against six including MSEDCL officials | Maharashtra Ahmednagar Mr India Title holder Body Builder Ajinkya Gaikwad death case 6 booked including Mahavitaran officials

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Ajinkya Gaikwad

Ahmednagar: A case has been registered against six persons, including MSEDCL officials, in connection with the death of Ajinkya Gaikwad, a young bodybuilder from Ahmednagar who published the book ‘Mr India’ in 2019. Ajinkya, 30, died in September after being struck by a power outage in a TV cable in the house. The father had said that he was on the spot because all four fingers were stuck to the grill.

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Crime on six people

The Gaikwad family had alleged that this was due to negligence of MSEDCL and cable operators. About a quarter of a month later, six people were charged in the case. A case has been registered against six persons including TV cable owner, MSEDCL wireman, junior engineer, cable supplier and TV cable supplier.

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What’s the matter?

The incident took place at Gaikwad family home in Vinayak Nagar area of ​​Ahmednagar city. Ajinkya was trying to remove the cable and reconnect as the TV did not look properly. This time he received a severe electric shock and died within a few moments.

Who was Ajinkya Gaikwad?

Ajinkya Gaikwad was an expert in various sports. In addition, in 2019, he won the title of ‘Mr. India’ in the ‘Mr. India Global’ competition held in Delhi by excelling in all rounds. His death has come as a shock to Ajinkya’s friends and fans, including the Gaikwad family. His father has claimed that Ajinkya died due to negligence of MSEDCL and cable operators.

What did the father say?

“Ajinkya was sitting on the sofa with her mother at 5 pm that day. There was a rattling noise in the hall. The cable high-tension wire was in the house. She was hanging by the window. We don’t even realize that there will be shorts. We had a dish in our house, so I never used that cable. The wire used to spark when hanging on the window due to rain and wind. So Ajinkya went to see. There was a TV board. Accidentally touched his grill and all four fingers stuck. It hit hard and went on the spot. ” Such information was given by Ajinkya’s father.

“This is entirely the fault of MSEB and the cable operator. My son is gone, he will never come back. Harhunnari’s son went. This time should not come on any parent, the government should stop this type. I am sad that this is the time for me to have a government, ”said Ajinkya’s father.

Shock while cleaning the cooler in Wardha

The incident where a young man died due to electric shock while cleaning the cooler was revealed in Wardha a few months back. The deceased was identified as Amit Borkar. The incident took place at Hiwara Hadke near Pulgaon in Wardha district. He had started cleaning the cooler as there was no air coming out of the cooler even after filling it with water.

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