Mother Durga’s pandal made like ‘Vatican City’, pictures of Jesus inside RS News

This time in Kolkata, Sree Bhoomi Durga Puja Pandal is being organized according to the theme of ‘Vatican City’. Its pictures have surfaced on social media. The entire pandal has been built in exactly the same manner. From outside it looks like a church. Inside are pictures of Jesus, photos of Mother Mary. The idol of Durga Maa has been installed in the middle.

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People are angry after seeing these pictures. They ask that what is the meaning of decorating Durga pandal like this? Is Christmas ever celebrated on the theme of Durga Puja in the Vatican?

One user wrote angrily, “This is nothing. Wait more than that. Perhaps worship pandals should be set up according to the Kaaba and instead of Chandipath, Aajan should be heard. Everything is possible in Wok Bengal, especially in Kolkata. These people can wear hijab to Maa Durga to show integrity. Nothing surprises us when it comes to Bengalis from Kolkata.”

Kirti Kumar Kasat writes, “What is this? Why try so hard to make yourself look secular? Let the architect of the Vatican understand once again why these pictures of Christianity? Go to church at Christmas. There too you will start telling a person who has converted from a Hindu to a Christian that Jesus is the real savior.

Let us inform that earlier in the year 2021, Shri Bhoomi Durga Puja Pandal was organized on the theme of Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. A large number of people came to see that pandal. It had so much laser light that pilots complained against it that they had problems flying.

Now the pandal is not like that but this time the controversy is happening because there are pictures related to Christianity inside the place of worship. According to the news of TV9, Sreebhumi Sporting Club has been setting up a puja pandal for 50 years. This time it is Golden Jubilee, so its theme has been kept as Vatican City. Among its organizers are state fire minister and TMC MLA Sujit Basu. Mamta Banerjee herself has inaugurated the pandal.


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