Moitra asks why ethics committee is examining Darshan Hiranandani ReadingS


Countering the allegations of taking bribes, the MP pointed out that even in the notarised statement there was no mention of cash bribe of Rs 2 crore; The affidavit also does not list the gifts Hiranandani allegedly gave her.

He claimed that he knew Hiranandani before he became an MP and remained friends. He had once given her a scarf for her birthday, and she had employed the services of architects from his company to prepare four engineering drawings for the renovation of his official bungalow by the CPWD.

He had already admitted that Hiranandani’s car would pick him up from the airport “in his four to five visits to Mumbai” in the last five years.

Referring to the three expensive bags she carries to the committee room, Moitra said that she always carries them with her, in one she carries her lunch, in the other she carries her laptop and the Louis Vuitton bag that she is always seen with.

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