Minimum fee for engineering is Rs.45 thousand. Maximum fee is Rs.1.60 lakhs RS News

Hyderabad, Andhraprabha: TAFRC has fixed the minimum annual fee as Rs.45 thousand and the maximum fee as Rs.1.6 lakh in private engineering colleges in the state. The Telangana Admissions and Fees Determination Committee (TAFRC), which held a series of meetings with the owners of the private engineering colleges in the state for the last two days, finally decided to finalize the minimum and maximum fees for engineering. It is known that in the past, TAFRC has taken a decision by increasing the fee. TAFRC again invited the managements of the colleges for a face-to-face meeting after the government asked to review the increased fees. It is known that the owners of some colleges have approached the High Court and brought orders to apply the increased fees. Allegations have been rife over the fees hiked by TAFRC as the deadline for engineering admissions closes. Will the owners accept the latest decision? Or will they once again go to court and prepare to fight..? That has become a topic of discussion.

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According to the most reliable sources, the employers will have to take the fee finalized by TAFRC for the next three years from this academic year. Previously the annual minimum fee was Rs.35000 but it has been increased to Rs.45000. The maximum amount for a college has been fixed at Rs.1.60 lakhs. It seems that the fee of more than Rs.1 lakh has been finalized for 25 engineering colleges. Many colleges have been cut in the fees fixed by TAFRC in the past, while the fees of some colleges have been proposed to be implemented as is. CBIT fee in Gandipet reduced. Earlier, Rs.1.34 lakhs was finalized for CBIT, while recently Rs. 1, 12, 000 is reported to be fixed. It is reported that the annual fee of MGIT has been fixed at Rs.1.60 lakhs. The latest fees were finalized after examining the income and expenses presented during the face-to-face meeting organized by TAFRC with the representatives of the college owners. TAFRC will submit the newly finalized fee details proposals to the government on Saturday.

The owners of 173 private engineering colleges in the state have applied to TAFRC seeking to finalize the annual fees for their colleges. In this, 93 colleges were invited for face-to-face meetings. Among the fees proposed by TAFRC in July, the annual fee for 36 colleges has exceeded one lakh. Among these, the highest annual fee is Rs.1.73 lakhs, while for some colleges it is Rs.1.55 lakhs, for some colleges it is Rs.1.50 lakhs, and for some colleges it is Rs.1.45 lakhs. The minimum annual fee in the state has increased by Rs.10 thousand compared to the previous one and some colleges have also increased the fee compared to the previous block period. With this, there is a possibility that the government exchequer will be burdened with the increased minimum fee due to the fee reimbursement given by the government to the students.


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