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Srinagar: 22-year-old Farhaan Muneer has been training hard to improve his physique for years.

Farhaan, a resident of Khayyam Srinagar, gradually started feeling changes in his body after transforming from a skinny boy into a well-built young man.

At the same time, what Farhaan observed was that he could pull heavy weights with ease.

This was when he started getting serious about his powerlifting and bodybuilding game.

Come 2022. Farhaan has been awarded as the youngest certified trainer in Kashmir by the Global Indian Fitness Federation.

“It was kind of a coincidence for me. I used to go to the gym just to get a good body, but then I became interested in bodybuilding. “I learned bodybuilding from my gurus and was certified by the Global Indian Fitness Federation last year,” he said.

Driven by indomitable determination and aiming to make his mark in the world of powerlifting, Farhan embarked on a rigorous training regime that would shape his destiny.

“I spend almost four hours a day training in the gym. I can lift heavy weights now, from bench presses to heavy squats. “So far my record in bench press is 150 kg, in deadlift 250 kg and in squat 220 kg,” he said.

Apart from training fitness enthusiasts, Farhaan is also preparing for mega championships in the powerlifting game in the coming years.

“I am currently preparing for various powerlifting championships. My goal is to win championships in international powerlifting events. “I am prepared by experts in the field,” he said.

Beyond his personal achievements, Farhaan has become an inspiration for aspiring athletes in Kashmir.

He is currently preparing young people, especially for powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions to be held at the state level in India.

“Our youth have the potential to make a career in this sport, which is why I am on a mission to prepare the youth to compete at higher levels. “The one lesson I give to my clients is to quit smoking and other drug use because only then their body will respond to the diet and fitness regime,” Farhaan said.

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