Maharashtra College Reopening: State colleges start from October 20, students need both doses | Maharashtra College Reopening: College starts from 20th October

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uday samant

Mumbai: Colleges that have been closed for the past few days due to the Corona crisis are set to reopen. An important decision was taken in the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to start the college. Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant informed that the college will start functioning from October 20. He also underlined that students need both doses of vaccine. Different regulations have been issued in different districts against the backdrop of the college starting from October 20. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Construction Minister and Secretary. The authority to start more than 50% of university college classes has been given to the local authority, said Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant. He was speaking at a press conference.

So colleges should take campus and get vaccinated

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In view of the prevalence of corona, it will be up to the local authority to decide whether to continue the college. Colleges should be vaccinated on campus if both doses are not completed, it was suggested. In particular, an order has been issued to start a hostel. Non-teaching staff professors should be vaccinated, informed Uday Samant.

‘Local administration should decide’

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We have taken a clear view that if it is time to prepare different rules in each district, the university should take a decision in consultation with the district collector. Because some still have an outbreak of corona. Also, the incidence is increasing in some places. Therefore, the local administration should decide whether to implement the same rules or not. Each district may have different rules, ”said Samant.

Compulsory online arrangements for those students

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“Colleges or universities want to make compulsory online arrangements for students who will not be able to attend the actual college. For those students who have not been vaccinated with Kovid 19, the university should coordinate with the local district administration with the help of the head of the concerned institution, the principal of the college, to carry out a special vaccination campaign, ”he said.

‘Hostel will also be started in phases’

“Students also have a big question regarding hostels. A decision has also been taken to open hostels in phases. But while starting this, the Director of Higher Education in Mumbai and the Director of Higher Education in Pune want to review the complete hostels. We want to start hostels only after that, ”said Uday Samant. He also suggested that the universities should try to vaccinate 100 per cent of the teaching staff and outsourced staff working in the school.

Online classes will continue

Online classes are also being organized for out-of-school children. Similarly, admission is being given only after recording the daily temperature of each student. Also, students who have been admitted today after 25 students exceed their capacity will be admitted one day later without admission tomorrow. Students should not take off their face masks and disinfect their backpacks after going home. Were given.

The mayor also said that students should enter the school as per the designated squares and also sit on a bench with their name and number after admission. The mayor also said that students should carry soap with them and drink drinking water only after disinfecting their hands with soap. Students should not hug or clap with peers after entering the school. The mayor had also said that students with good health would be admitted to the school in a clean, beautiful school.

Sterilize three days a week

The health center has been attached to the school and the mayor had instructed the students to immediately inform their teachers if they are facing any problem. The mayor also said that he would try to find a way to issue a railway pass to the parents who have travel problems by writing to the state government. At the same time, the mayor said that proper care will be taken to ensure that the children do not play together and do not bring a box. The mayor also directed to disinfect the school building three days a week. On this occasion, Corporator And. Santosh Kharat, Joint Commissioner (Education) Ajit Kumbhar, Deputy Education Officer Sanjeevani Kapase as well as headmasters of secondary schools and members of the school management committee and officials of the Municipal Education Department were present.

What exactly are the rules?

1. When filling your backpack, be sure to fill a bottle of sanitizer with school supplies.
2. Don’t forget to wear a face mask when getting ready to go to school.
3. If the school is close to home, walk or cycle. Sit on the same seat while going by bus. 4. Sit with the same student, wear full time mask. Observe physical distance while entering and leaving school.
5. Let the school staff measure the temperature of the students while coming to the school.
6. Wash your hands or disinfect with sanitizer before entering the classroom.
7. Sit on the designated benches, do not exchange space with friends.

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