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There is no need to tell about the relationship between husband and wife. After marriage in Indian tradition..husband to wife and wife to husband..there is no price to be paid. Facing all the hardships..

Life Style: There is no need to say anything about the relationship between husband and wife. After marriage in Indian tradition..husband to wife and wife to husband..there is no price to be paid. They decide to stay together for the rest of their lives, facing all the hardships. Even if there are disagreements in the middle of the journey of life… later they will be reconciled. It is a literal truth that no one gives as much priority to relationships as Indians do compared to Western countries. However, in some cases the behavior of the wife is not pleasing to the husband and the behavior of the husband to the wife. Small quarrels sometimes lead to divorce. Unexpected conflicts between the two have a great impact on the marital relationship. In some cases, no matter how much love we show, the partner may not be satisfied. They may not like our behavior. When there is a different opinion between two people in any matter..whose opinion should be followed is a big question. And sometimes taking any decision unilaterally without consulting the partner also causes disagreements between the two. If your partner is unhappy with your relationship style…trying this can be fruitful.

Belief: Trust between husband and wife is very important. Once trust is lost between two people, it is very difficult to regain it. Bachelor life is very different from married life. Once we reach a certain age in the life of a bachelor, we are free to take decisions. Even in married life, even when we take decisions on our own, we must inform our partner about that decision. In some cases, if it is known that the decision was taken without his knowledge, there is a possibility of conflict between them. Once trust is lost, it is impossible to regain it. It is very important to gain the trust of the spouse in the family, no matter what the outside looks like. That’s why you must discuss it with your partner before taking any decision. Both of them will be responsible for the future results by discussing whether the decision is good or bad for the family and taking the final decision. Both will be happy if they make a profit. If there is a loss, both will suffer together. This strengthens the married life and increases the respect given to us by our partner.

Uniting different ideas: Husband and wife have different ideas in married life. Generally, two people’s thoughts are never the same. Everyone thinks differently. They tend to think that their thinking is correct. Also in married life, husband and wife have different ideas. When two people have different ideas about something, they are more likely to come together by talking together. Also after two persons enter into married life.. both of them grow up in different environments and become united by the bond of marriage. Their social and economic backgrounds may be different. Till then their thoughts and habits may be different. Once you enter into married life, you should think about their background and try to match the thoughts of both accordingly. By doing this, their relationship will not only be strong for a long time, but there will be no possibility of any conflicts between the two. A partner is more likely to be satisfied with your behavior by feeling that his thoughts are equally valued.

Communication: Communication is very important in married life. A partner is someone who waits for us till we come back again whether we go to office or go out. After marriage, it is the partner who gives more priority and love than parents, in a sense. That’s why we must inform our partner about where we are going when we leave the house. If there is delay in coming from that fee or when going out, we should inform our partner immediately. It makes our waiting partner feel more relaxed and less nervous. Otherwise, we may face our partner’s wrath after coming home. Hence the need to devote some time to pacifying them inevitably arises. That is why it is very important to communicate anything to our partner.

Bad Habits: Bad habits are the cause of conflicts and disputes between husband and wife in married life. By keeping our habits from partner’s knowledge, in the future if our partner gets to know about them, it can lead to conflict in marital life. All husbands and wives want to live comfortably with their children. At the same time, in some cases, there is a possibility of becoming addicted to habits like alcohol and gambling. By this there is a chance of spending our earnings unnecessarily. Bad habits do more harm than good. That’s why a partner takes into consideration what a person’s habits are. The bond between the two is strengthened on those habits. But whatever our habits may be, sharing them with our partner will help us to avoid conflict between the two in the future.

Financial Aspects: Financial aspect plays a very key role in married life in poor and middle class families. Because their life depends on their income. That is why the income should be spent carefully as per the plan. Apart from that, if the wife is extravagant and the husband is extravagant, it is natural to get angry with each other. That is why wife and husband should sit together, discuss and take a decision even in the matter of any expenditure. Otherwise, on the pretext of spending money as you like, there is a chance of growing hatred towards each other. By respecting each other’s opinion on many issues, married life can be lived smoothly.

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