Kerala auto driver who won Rs 25 crore in bumper lottery- Dinamani RS News

Thiruvananthapuram: Less than 5 days after the Onam Bhambar lottery won Rs 25 crore, an auto driver who left Kerala to work as a cook in Malaysia expressed his regret over his condition.

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I lost all my composure. I couldn’t be at peace even in my own house. Countless people come to my house every day to help themselves by giving me a small amount from the prize money I won in the bumper lottery. I have changed the place where I was living now, I have lost all my peace of mind, I was happy till the prize money came, he says anxiously.

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Chondhav Anup of Srivaraham area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThiruvananthapuram. Ivan, an auto driver, is ready to move to Malaysia to work as a cook because of his debt burden. In this case, he had applied for a loan of Rs. 3 lakh in the bank. While the bank management approved it, Anoop received a text message on his mobile phone saying that he had won a prize of Rs.

Amazed by this, he took his wife and approached the lottery agency in Thitingal. He has been given a prize money of Rs.15 crores for collecting taxes.

Speaking on the day the prize fell, he said, “I will first build a house with this money.” I will repay old debts. I will help my relatives. I will do charity work. I will start a new hotel business in Kerala itself. Anoop said that he will continue to buy lottery tickets.

But now that he is talking, I feel that I should not have received this prize money. I was happy with the fame I got for the first two days after the prize dropped. But for now, I can’t even leave my house. Anyone who sees me runs and asks for help.

Anoop has been saying through social media that he has not received the money yet.

All the neighbors are angry with me because there is too much crowd around my house. He says I think I might have got a much smaller prize money than this.



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