KEM Hospital, got hearing aids worth 8 lakhs free; KEM doctor rushed for rare disease Raunak – kem doctor get 8 lakh hearing aid for free for child with malformed ears RS News

Mumbai: For a ten-year-old boy named Raunak Dehade, the doctors at Mumbai’s KEM Hospital have become angels. Raunak Dehade was born with a disease called microtica. In this the external ear does not grow completely. It causes hearing loss. To enable Raunak to lead a normal life like other children, KEM doctors have operated on Raunak and fitted him with a hearing aid worth 8 lakhs. KEM Hospital has not charged any price for these machines.

Raunak’s father Sampat Dahade is from Nashik and works in a private office there. For the past two years, he has been visiting KEM Hospital for Raunak’s treatment. He has expressed his satisfaction after Raunak’s surgery. Also, he has also said that now he will be able to pay attention to his studies. Meanwhile, Raunak was suffering from microtica. This disease was born in children. This is a rare birth defect, which causes the outer part of the ear to appear small and misshapen. This further affects the hearing ability. The doctor has implanted an Oshia hearing aid behind Raunak’s ear. This surgery has now been successful and once the injury behind the ear is healed, the microphone, speech processor and head piece will be installed in the outer part of the ear, the doctor informed.

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Once the hearing aid is fitted, it takes about a month to heal. After a month the processor of the device will be launched. After that the patient will be gradually made to understand the process. This information has been given by Hetal. Hetal is a senior at the Ear, Nose and Throat Department of KEM Hospital. Also, he had contacted many donors for this machine.

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After this surgery, Raunak came back to the hospital on Thursday. At that time an attempt was made to communicate with them verbally and it was somewhat successful. Meanwhile, Sangeeta Rawat, founder of KEM Hospital, said that the surgery on Raunak is a matter of pride. She also said that the cost of this surgery was high but we tried to make it free. KEM’s Dr. Hetal has so far performed such surgeries on 18 children. He had done such surgery in 2011. Microtia is a disease that affects one in 10,000 children. However, surgery on this should be done between 10 and 15 years of age.



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