Karur player in Pro Kabaddi Mumbai team – mother around Thrushti on video foot


Karur player in Pro Kabaddi Mumbai team – mother around Thrushti on video foot

Karur player Ajith, who is part of the Pro Kabaddi Mumbai team in Bangalore, has gone viral with the incident where his mother threw a truss around his video leg.

Corona has been impacting the world for the last 2 years including India. Due to this, the Pro Kabaddi League, which was scheduled to take place in 2020, was abandoned. With this, the season for 2021 is starting and taking place in Bangalore.

Fans are not allowed to watch this Pro Kabaddi League series in which 12 teams are participating. The Pro Kabaddi League matches, which take place inside the locked stadium, have been taking place since December 22 last year. In this case, the teams participating in this Pro Kabaddi series include Kabaddi players from Tamil Nadu. In that order, Ajith from Karur district has been included in the U Mumbai team. Following that, Ajith, who is in Bangalore, had a flexible incident where he was talking on the video foot with his mother.

Ajith, who is asleep due to a physical injury, talks to his mother in a video call. Ajith gives hope to his mother who is inquiring about his injury that he will definitely participate in the next match!

Ajith, who previously played for the Tamil Talawas team, is currently playing for the Mumbai team. Ajith’s father and mother from Karur district are both mercenaries. Chasing his father’s dream of becoming a former Kabaddi player, Ajith is honing himself as the inevitable key player in the Pro Kabaddi series.

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