Kamal Nath Taunts BJP Over Viral Videos Revealing ‘Heavy Cash Deals’ of Union Minister Narendra Tomar’s Son ReadingS


Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh): Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath came down hard on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after a series of videos were leaked exposing allegations of ‘heavy cash deals’ by Devendra Pratap, son of Union Minister and BJP candidate Narendra Singh Tomar.

Kamal Nath said, “There is a video that has gone viral on social media. What is the point of saying he did this, he did that?” The second video of Tomar’s son Devendra Singh Tomar surfaced on social media, revealing deals worth hundreds of millions of rupees.

Kamal Nath expressed his faith in the voters of Madhya Pradesh and highlighted the challenges faced by every category in the state. “I have confidence in the voters of Madhya Pradesh. Considering the challenges faced by every section of people in the state, I believe they will adapt to reality. Each of us has made efforts; we have fulfilled our responsibilities and the BJP has done what it deemed necessary,” he said.

On Wednesday, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel also took to

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Baghel asked: “A Rs 10,000 crore game? Your agency has accused me of a scam worth hundreds of crores based on an unverified video and a driver’s statement. Now investigate this. When will the raids happen?” “When? Can we expect long programs in the media?”

“A new revelation has emerged in the viral video case of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar’s son Devendra Tomar making transactions worth millions of rupees,” Baghel said. He also claimed: “The person who spoke to the minister’s son in the video call confirmed the entire conversation with a new video. According to the information shared on

In response, Union Minister Narendra Tomar dismissed the video featuring his son as fake and described it as part of an opposition conspiracy during the elections. He demanded a Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) investigation to establish the truth.

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