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Jorhat, he is an activist educationist on Tuesday in Nisha Rajpath, where he was attacked by a group of young men in a car. The main accused Siddharth Barak was able to arrest Nisha on Wednesday after the two involved in the incident were arrested in Jorhat. According to Janiva Para, Dhirta Siddhartha’s house was located in the cave of Jorhat. Earlier this year, the youth gangs used to attack the students and after the youth gangs were able to secure the car and seize it.

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It should be noted that this incident took place on Rajpath near Nisha Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology Chamukoi Jista around 9 on Tuesday. The speeding car of Siddharth Bara’s team was trying to hit the students. At that time, the student who was defending himself by coughing on the road, captured the photo of the car’s number plate with his mobile camera. Behind him, the car rushes at a high speed, although after a few moments, the car comes back and attacks the young man. The student was seriously injured when he was suddenly attacked by a student. According to the victim students, after the robbery attack, this young man brought a pistol to the car as a student gunshot. After hearing the gunshots, the injured students fled the scene. The injured student was later admitted to the hospital. Current student risk-free bully Janib is getting ready.

After this incident, the students of Jisthar are suffering from insecurity. Parents are very concerned about safety. Because Jorhat is one of the educational centers in the state. There are many higher education institutions in Jorhat. The students are studying in different parts of the state.

It should be noted that many areas of Jorhat have destroyed the environment and given rise to incidents like illegal music. In particular, taking advantage of the weakness of the many taxed excise and security departments of Lahdaigarh, an illegal scam is going on. The environment is being destroyed for the sake of some healthy people, and the current insecurity is affecting the students and the common people.

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