Joint RTO: Engineering degree compulsory


Joint RTO: Engineering degree compulsory

Kochi: The government has decided to make technical qualification compulsory for the post of joint RTO. The matter which is currently under the consideration of the legislative assembly’s subject committee would be published as an official guideline once it gains the ratification. This has been a matter of debate for the past 46 years.

The officers in the ministerial category who are promoted to the post of joint RTO would then require engineering qualification from the day when the guideline is officially published. Assistant motor vehicle inspector and motor vehicle inspector too require an engineering diploma or degree.

The road safety committee that was appointed by the Supreme Court, departmental promotion committee and the 11th and 12th salary commission and employee development commission too have recommended that technical qualification should be made compulsory.

The senior superintendents who are eligible for promotion until the day of publication would be promoted as per the current guidelines. However, the guideline would be applicable for those who become eligible after that.

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