Jammu and Kashmir administration issued orders to stop the salaries of Kashmiri Hindu employees who are on strike RS News

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Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir administration has issued orders to freeze the salaries of such workers who have been protesting in the Valley for months demanding the shifting of Kashmiri Hindu employees to a safer place amid the killings of minorities by terrorists. have done.

Kashmir’s Labor Department and Additional Deputy Commissioner, Anantnag on Wednesday (September 21) issued orders to stop the salaries of Kashmiri Hindu employees who went on strike in the Valley.

Deputy Labor Commissioner (DLC), Kashmir Ahmed Hussain Bhat, in his order directed all the Assistant Labor Commissioners of the districts of the Valley to withhold the salaries of the striking workers for September.

Bhat said that salary for the month of September (2022) should not be released to such striking employees recruited under the Prime Minister’s package, who have been absent in this month.

A similar order has been issued by ADC, Anantnag.

According to the news agency PTI, angry with this order of the administration, the striking employees intensified their agitation, which entered the 133rd day on Thursday. The employees termed it as ‘harassment’ and alleged that the move was taken to end their agitation.

Hundreds of employees protested under the banner of All Migrant (Displaced) Employees Union of Kashmir (AMEK) amid slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, ‘We Want Justice’ and ‘We Want Relocation’.

The protesters said it was a step towards oppression of the community. This is a conspiracy against us.

A protesting person in Jammu told reporters, “We have done our duty honestly in Kashmir for the last 10 years, till the targeted killings of our employees like Rahul Bhat have affected the lives and lives of our community employees in the Valley.” Didn’t put the honor in jeopardy.

Another employee said, ‘What is our crime? We have taught the children of the majority community with utmost sincerity for 10 years. Why are we being targeted and killed?

The employees said that on one hand they are getting death threats from terrorist organizations and on the other they are being forced to come to work and taking the risk of becoming targets of terrorists.

One of the leaders of the agitators said, ‘Please provide us security, which is your prime duty. Why are you threatening us with these orders? We are not afraid of withholding our salary or anything else. If our life is in danger, we will quit the job.

He said, ‘We want to tell the government that you cannot harass us and our families.’

Kashmiri Pandit employees, recruited under the Prime Minister’s Special Rehabilitation Package and posted in different parts of the Kashmir Valley, said they were easy targets for terrorists and the government had failed to protect them.

Around 4,000 Kashmiri Pandits started working in various departments in the Valley after their selection under the Prime Minister’s employment package.

He has been on an indefinite strike since the murder of his colleague Rahul Bhat, demanding transfer outside the Valley.

On 12 May 2022, Rahul Bhatt, a Kashmiri Pandit employee working in Chadoora Tehsil office of Budgam district, was shot dead by terrorists in his office.

Many Kashmiri Pandits and migrants have lost their lives in the killings being targeted by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir for the past months. So far this year, around 14 civilians and six security forces have been killed in a similar fashion by terrorists.

Hundreds of workers have already returned to Jammu and are holding regular protests at the relief commissioner’s office, while their colleagues in Kashmir have been assured of shifting to safer areas within the Valley and repeated efforts by the government to end the standoff. Despite the protests.

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