Jaipur – Afraid of the police, the prize crook shot himself on the forehead, died

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The incident of Nangal Panditpura in Kotputli, the police chased 20 km, the vehicle got down and hid in the millet field, after seeing the three companions fled, they found themselves surrounded by the police.


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Due to the fear of the police in Kotputli police station area on Tuesday night, a rewarding criminal of 5000 committed suicide by shooting himself on the forehead. Rural Superintendent of Police (SP) Shankar Dutt Sharma reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported. The scene of the incident was videographed and the FSL team got the spot inspected. SP Sharma said that the deceased was identified as Roopchand alias Sukha Gurjar, a resident of Dudhiya located in Khetri, Jhunjhunu. The accused was a wanted of Khetri police station and a total of four cases including murder, robbery and dacoity were registered against him. Jhunjhunu police was looking for him for a year and had declared a reward of five thousand rupees on him.

Fire when search operation is carried out

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Superintendent of Police Shankar Dutt Sharma said that ASI Rakesh of Kotputli police station was on patrol with the police force. Then it was reported that some miscreants with weapons in one of the scarps are coming from Bansur towards Kotputli. A blockade was made on this, but Scorpio went towards the quadrilateral. The police chased them. Scorpio reached Nangalpanditpura at around 9 pm on Tuesday night, about 20 km away via Bamanvas and Nagajiki Gor. After taking the road here, the Scorpio riders got down and ran away in the fields. In a few moments the chasing police reached there. Seeing the police, the miscreants opened fire. Then additional police force was called in and laid siege to the field where the miscreants had entered. In the dark, the search operation was carried out under the lights of dragon lights and police vehicles. At the same time the sound of second fire came. But later in the search, the body of Sukha was found lying. He had a country-made pistol with him. One cartridge was fired and four live cartridges were found. Police are trying to identify the three absconding accused.

The driver himself was driving the vehicle sitting behind

Additional Superintendent of Police Dharmendra Kumar Yadav said that the Scorpio was hired from Sukha and his companion Kotputli for Rs 1800 a day. The Scorpio driver was apprehended at the spot. He then told that Sukha and his three other accomplices had hired his vehicle. A year ago also his vehicle was taken on rent. The driver said that after taking the vehicle some distance away, the four people made it sit behind and the Scorpio was driving dry. Vehicles were speeding on seeing the police. Police confiscated the vehicle.

The team that chases the miscreants will be rewarded

Police said that Sukha and his accomplices were in contact with the miscreants of Kotputli. A mobile phone was also found near Sukha’s body. Mobile call details will be checked. Sukha was sent away after being shot. Superintendent of Police Shankardutt Sharma announced a reward for the police team who chased bravely despite the presence of weapons.

photo with weapons on facebook

Police said that Sukha and her associates have posted photos with weapons on Facebook. A Facebook id was made by the name of dry shooter, in which there was a comment that you remain oblivious for a few more days … the city will introduce itself.

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