Israel claims responsibility for attack outside Gaza’s largest hospital ReadingS


The UN body said at least 13 people were killed and 26 injured, based on initial reports.

Earlier on Friday, a spokesman for the Gaza-based Palestinian Ministry of Health also said the ambulance was heading towards the Rafah border crossing in a medical convoy from the hospital and had informed the International Committee of the Red Cross about the move.

The ICRC confirmed that it was aware of the planned movement of the convoy of vehicles carrying injured patients from the north of Gaza to the south, but was not a part of it.

“We were informed about the planned convoy by the Ministry of Health but were not part of it,” the ICRC told CNN.

“Even if we weren’t there, this is still a medical convoy and any violence against medical personnel is unacceptable… No doctor, nurse or any healthcare worker should ever die while trying to save lives.”

According to UNRWA, one of the generators at Al-Shifa Hospital reportedly stopped working on Friday due to a severe fuel shortage in the Hamas-controlled area.

Another generator is still running but only covers half of the hospital’s needs.

Since the conflict began, 14 of 35 hospitals with inpatient capacity have stopped operating, and 51 (71 percent) of all primary health care facilities across Gaza (72) have closed due to damage or lack of fuel.

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