Israel allows two fuel tankers into Gaza every day – World ReadingS


JERUSALEM: Israel’s war cabinet has authorized the delivery of two tankers of diesel fuel per day to the embattled Gaza Strip, as hospitals and aid programs are closed due to power outages, Israeli officials said on Friday.

Israel has come under increasing international pressure as the United Nations warned this week that aid efforts in the war-torn Palestinian territories have come to a halt as fuel reserves are depleted.

Israeli officials said that in response to a US request, Israel’s war cabinet unanimously approved “the entry of two diesel fuel tankers per day to support the UN’s water and sanitation infrastructure… provided it does not reach Hamas.” expression.

“This action provides Israel with the constant international maneuvering space necessary to eliminate Hamas,” the statement said.

An official with the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said this week that 50 fuel tankers crossed into the Gaza Strip every day before October 7, when Hamas attacked southern Israel.

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