Intense conflict in Myanmar forces 1,400 refugees to seek refuge in Mizoram ReadingS


The first influx from the neighboring country took place in February 2021, when the junta seized power. Since then, 32,000 Myanmar people have sought refuge in the northeastern state.

While the majority of refugees live in relief camps and government buildings, many are housed by relatives and many Myanmar residents live in rented homes.

The state government, church bodies, the Young Mizo Association, Mizoram’s largest voluntary organisation, NGOs and many others are providing food to Myanmar refugees belonging to the Chin tribal community, which shares close ethnic ties with the Mizos, as well as similarities in language and lifestyle. .

The Mizoram government had earlier sought financial and logistical support from the Center for Myanmar citizens, but the Union government is yet to respond.

Prime Minister Zoramthanga has written several letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other central ministers seeking financial and logistical support for Myanmar refugees.

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