See what tags you are feeding; Pritam Munde’s brutal attack on Dhananjay Munde | Pritam munde slams dhananjay munde over development in beed

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pritam munde

Beads: The Munde brothers and sisters have once again come face to face over the issue of development. Following BJP leader Pankaja Munde, now MP Pankaja Munde has targeted Dhananjay Munde. The Guardian Minister should see who built the roads while walking in the district. See also what tags we are feeding, said Pritam Munde.

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MP Pritam Munde has made this remark while interacting with the media. The Guardian Minister should see who built the roads while walking in the district. They should see what tags you are feeding. If you want to see what I have brought to the district from the center, look outside the Parli municipality, said Pritam Munde.

This is a gathering of hard workers

He also reacted to the Dussehra festival. I was unable to attend the rally last year in Corona. But this time there is excitement. This gathering is for the toilers. God belongs to the followers of Baba. Crimes were reported last year, with politics at the grassroots level in Beed district. After the rally, the authorities held several events in the district. The cake was cut, the flowers were sprinkled with JCB. But no action was taken against him, he said.

Preparation review by Pritam Munde

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BJP leader Pankaja Munde’s Dussehra festival will be held in a 12 acre area at Bhagwan Bhaktigad. Prior to the fair, repairs and other works in the fort area have gained momentum. Due to the recent heavy rains, water had accumulated in the sanctum sanctorum under the magnificent idol of Saint Bhagwan Baba, which has also been removed. Also, a permanent arrangement has been made so that water will not be stored in this place. The premises are being made water proof. A large number of devotees from all corners of the state as well as from outside come to the fair, taking care not to inconvenience them. The rally will be held in compliance with all the rules of Corona. Pritam Munde has been coming to Bhagwangada for the last two days. They are reviewing the ongoing Dussehra festival in the area. They are also giving some suggestions to the concerned.

What will Pankaja Munde say tomorrow?

Meanwhile, there are indications that the state government, along with Guardian Minister and NCP leader Dhananjay Munde, will be targeting Pankaja Munde at the Dussehra rally. Due to heavy rains, farmers in Beed and Marathwada have suffered a lot. They have not yet received help, which is likely to surround that government. Apart from that, the government is also likely to draw attention to the issues of sugarcane workers. MP Pritam Munde did not get a ministerial post at the Center. After that, Pankaja had IGed his heartfelt condolences. So what does Pankaja Munde comment on? This has also caught everyone’s attention.

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(pritam munde slams dhananjay beund in munde over development)

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