Sameer Wankhede | Big news! Sameer Wankhede summoned by Mumbai Police, will be interrogated in espionage case Ncb zonal director sameer wankhede summoned by mumbai police will be interrogated in espionage case

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Sameer Wankhede

Mumbai : It is learned that Mumbai Police will send summons to NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede. A few days back, Sameer Wankhede himself had accused the state’s Director General of Police of keeping some policemen under surveillance. Sameer Wankhede will be summoned after the same complaint. Sameer Wankhede will be questioned as part of the same complaint.

Mumbai Police will issue summons to Wankhede

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Mumbai NCB Divisional Director Sameer Wankhede had on October 11 claimed that I was being monitored. He had also lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police. Wankhede had also informed that Mumbai police had also received CCTV footage in this regard. Wankhede himself has given evidence to the police. After all these cases, Mumbai Police has also questioned two policemen. Also, now Mumbai Police is going to send summons to Wankhede. According to the complaint lodged by him, Mumbai Police will investigate.

After the allegations of Nawab Malik, now Sameer is following Wankhede?

State Minority Minister Nawab Malik had a few days back criticized the NCB’s action in the Cruise Drugs Party case. He also criticized Sameer Wankhede. Nawab Malik had made a serious allegation that the NCB, along with BJP leaders, targeted Shah Rukh Khan. Malik had also claimed that some BJP leaders were with him on the day the NCB took action against the cruise party. He also showed some videos at the press conference and gave evidence of it. Is that why Wankhede is being monitored? Such a question was presented. Later, Sameer Wankhede had lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police.

One of the detainees claims to be an officer in the Mumbai Police Force

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He always goes to the cemetery where Sameer Wankhede’s mother was cremated. They have been there since 2015. Meanwhile, he had noticed on Monday (October 11) that two suspects were chasing him. Notably, they also removed CCTV footage of the pursuers. He then lodged a complaint with the Mumbai police, claiming that he was being monitored by giving him CCTV footage.

There is no official information from the police yet

Meanwhile, senior police have ordered an inquiry into Wankhede’s complaint. An Additional Commissioner of Police is also investigating the matter. On the other hand, what is Wankhede’s opinion on this issue? What did they feel? Mumbai Police wants to know all these things. Sources said that Wankhede will be summoned but the police have not officially announced so.

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(NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede summoned by Mumbai Police will be interrogated in espionage case)

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