No cannabis found in Java, does NCB know the difference between cannabis and tobacco ?; Question of Nawab Malik | Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik clarification on his son in law

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Nawab Malik, Spokesperson, Nationalist Congress Party

Mumbai: My son-in-law did not find any marijuana. The court order found that herbal tobacco was found near Java. So does the NCB know the difference between herbal tobacco and marijuana ?, asked NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik. “My son-in-law has been framed in this case and my son-in-law will go to the high court in this case,” Malik said.

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Nawab Malik today held a press conference and exposed the allegations made in the arrest of his son-in-law Sameer Khan. The NCB raid did not find 200 kg of cannabis. Seven and a half grams of cannabis was found in the furniture shop. Everything else is herbal tobacco, the report said. So it’s no surprise that the NCB doesn’t understand the difference between tobacco and marijuana. Such organizations have instant level testing kits. People were framed without marijuana. I am not saying this, I am saying the court report. Section 27A does not apply. Anything that suits the furniture. But he was immediately granted bail. People are being framed even after the discovery of herbal tobacco. NCB is defaming people by leaking selective news. NCB is working on the frame. The NCB is forging, Malik said.

My daughter was in trauma, affecting her children as well

Nawab Malik told the press conference from the beginning. On the 6th we presented some questions about NCB. KP Gosavi, Manish had spoken on Bhanushali. At that time I was asked about my son-in-law. On January 13, my son-in-law Sameer Khan was arrested. Even then, I told the media that no one is greater than the law. The law will do its job. I believe in the justice system of the country. The same was said at the last press conference. However, the BJP leaders were still defaming my son-in-law. Malik’s son-in-law is a drug dealer. He said that the BJP leaders were saying that Sudapoti was defaming the NCB after his arrest.

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On the 27th, a special court of NDPS granted bail to Sameer Khan and two others after eight and a half months in jail. Then we had a press conference. However, we did not receive the return order. Justice Joglekar’s order was loaded on the court portal at 11 am yesterday. Then we read it. It clearly states that no marijuana was found in Java. However, in the meantime, Jaya had to stay in jail. My daughter was in trauma. His son was affected. He can’t meet anyone in the society. He only meets at my house or my other daughter. That’s the situation, “Malik said.

The message from one number went viral

But the order came yesterday. Before that, I will put some events before you. The NCB informed you on the 9th that 200 kg of cannabis was seized. NCB officials then issued a press release and four photos. Four photos were given from the number 9820111409. A British national was reportedly arrested. The message was given to everyone from this number. These photos appeared in many media. Then on January 9, seven and a half grams of cannabis were seized from a girl. The girl was granted bail the same day. He then raided Delhi. After that, they raided Gulberg, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore and other places. He also struck a raid in Rampur. He also said that the information was given by the NCB itself.

Six months of manipulation

The NCB said the raid was carried out in Kanpur. My son-in-law lives in Bandra. The 9th was our anniversary. We all went to dinner. On the 13th, a journalist called. Has NCB sent summons to your son-in-law? Why would he be summoned? That’s the counter question I asked. The NCB then sent the summons to Javaya at 10 pm on the same day. The NCB ordered him to be present at 10 a.m. on the 13th. Accordingly, when my son-in-law went to the NCB office, Chanelwale was already present there. The news came again by evening, the message went viral from the same number. Sameer Khan is a drug peddler. Exports. The message that he was arrested went viral from that number. We ran to the court. Asked for bail. No bail was granted. On the day the six months were coming to an end, the NCB told the court that we would file the chargesheet on the 7th. We then filed a petition in the Lower Court. It had been three and a half months. Spend as much time as you can. He was later released on bail, he said.

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(Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik clarification on his son in law)

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