Municipal plan for immunization of children prepared, vaccination started in three days; Big information of Suresh Kakani | Fully prepared to vaccinate children after government guideline, says BMC

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Mumbai: Mumbai Municipal Corporation has prepared a plan to vaccinate children. Immediate vaccination of children will be started in two to three days after the issuance of guidelines by the central government, said NMC Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani.

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This information was given by Suresh Kakani while interacting with the media. Mumbai has a plan for immunization of children. 30 lakh children will be vaccinated in Mumbai. Immunization of children will be started in 2-3 days as soon as detailed guidelines come from the central government. Babies will be vaccinated at maternity wards and children’s hospitals, 350 municipal immunization centers, Kakani said.

Will train doctors

Vaccine syringes, needles may be different. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is a need for detailed guidelines from the central government in this regard. There are only cold storages for adequate storage. However, it will be clarified after the guideline whether a different temperature will be required for vaccination of children. A staff of 1500 persons will be trained for vaccination of children. Doctors from private hospitals will also be trained, he said.

The reaction does not have the opposite effect

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Pediatric wards have already been set up if there are any reactions after children are vaccinated. It can be used. Municipal Corporation will also undertake public awareness campaign to vaccinate children. Children who have been vaccinated so far on an experimental basis. No serious reactions were found on him, he explained.

The number of corona patients in the country decreased

The country is witnessing fluctuations in the number of corona cases in India. The last few days have seen a decline in the number of new coronaviruses, but now the number of patients is once again on the rise. In the last 24 hours, the number of new corona infections has dropped by nearly 1,000 compared to the previous day. Yesterday, 15,823 new coronavirus patients were registered in the country. 226 coronatrists lost their lives. As the number of patients recovering from corona increases, it is considered a relief. The number of active coronary heart disease patients in the country is around two and a half lakh. In the last 24 hours, 15,823 new coronavirus patients have been registered in India. 226 coronary artery disease deaths. Yesterday, 22,844 people in the country were released from coronation and returned home.

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(Fully prepared to vaccinate children after government guideline, says BMC)

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