Farmers’ woes: Soybean arrivals rise, prices fall, market worries | Soyabean prices continue to fall, rates fall in Latur market as arrivals rise

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Latur: On the one hand, the government is making one or more efforts to reduce the price of edible oil. However, prices are falling for soyabean. Intermediate fixed rates are now falling day by day. Moreover, farmers are wondering whether the fall in prices will continue as incomes continue to rise. As it is a festive day, farmers are bringing soybeans for sale. But farmers are still frustrated by falling rates. On Thursday, the rate was Rs 5,000 per quintal. The lowest rate this season has been recorded today.

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Soybean is the main crop in kharif. Its sowing is increasing in Marathwada. Moreover, the annual income of farmers has increased as they have been getting good rates for the last few years. As a result, the area under cotton and tur has decreased but the area under soybean has increased. This year, sowing was done on 52 lakh hectares in the state. However, rains have damaged crops and are now affecting rates. The rains have hampered the harvest and now the rates have come down. The Latur Agricultural Produce Market Committee had received 9,000 quintals on Thursday, while the package price was Rs 5,000. Now the soybean harvesting has gained momentum and the income is bound to increase. But if the rates continue to fall, farmers will suffer huge losses.

The cost of harvesting will also go up

Soybeans are soaked in rain. Although harvesting is now underway, the crop is in the mud. Therefore, farmers have to pay Rs 5,000 per acre for soybean harvesting. Moreover, the cost incurred from sowing is different. Every year, Soybean said, the picture was exactly the same. This year, however, the rains have also caused damage. Moreover, the market does not get the right price. Now that incomes have risen and prices have fallen, some farmers are focusing on hoarding.

Production is also low this year

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Marathwada produces 8 to 10 quintals of soybean per acre, so the area under soybean is increasing year by year. There was optimism that there would be a lot of production this year too. However, the rains have destroyed the entire Kharif. Soybeans have sprouted sprouts. Farmers are getting 3 to 4 quintals per acre. On the other hand, one has to pay Rs 5,000 per acre for harvesting.

Possibility of further reduction in future rates

Soybeans are currently fetching Rs 5,000. Soybean harvesting is still going on. If future income increases, it will have an effect on the rate. Imported soybean meal is expected to arrive in the country next month. Therefore, soybean prices will continue to fall, said trader Ashok Agrawal. Farmers should sell at the price they have, otherwise soybeans should be taken out for sale in January.

How are the rates of other agricultural commodities

The Agricultural Produce Market Committee at Latur deals in agricultural commodities between 12 noon. On Thursday, red toor was priced at Rs 6,260 per quintal, white toor at Rs 6,326 per quintal, pink toor at Rs 6,100 per quintal, Janaki gram at Rs 4,930 per quintal, Vijay Chana at Rs 5,073, gram mill at Rs 4,800, soybean at Rs 5,526, chamki mug at Rs 7,100, mill mug at Rs 6,300 and urad at Rs 7,241. . (Soybean prices continue to fall, rates fall in Latur market as arrivals rise)

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