Dussehra is big …! Marigold gold price, huge crowd for shopping in Kalyan flower market | Flower prices bloom ahead of Dussehra festival

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Welfare: On the backdrop of tomorrow’s Dussehra festival, there was a storm in the flower market of Kalyan today to buy marigold flowers and pylons. The crowd was so huge that the traffic to Bull Bazaar and Netivali was congested. Therefore, the traffic police had to rush to the spot in the morning and release the traffic jam.

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On the occasion of Dussehra, a large crowd had gathered at the APMC market in Kalyan this morning. The crowd had gathered to buy fruits, marigold flowers and pylons. No planning was done by the administration in the APMC market at this time. As a result, the crowd of citizens suddenly erupted and the social distance was blown away. The crowd had reached as far as the main road. This had an impact on the bull market traffic from Netivali.

The price of gold

As it was Dussehra tomorrow, the citizens had gathered in the market to buy marigold flowers. After two years, the citizens will be able to celebrate the festival with enthusiasm. So people came to the market in large numbers. Therefore, marigold flowers were also well priced. In the wholesale market, marigold was being sold at Rs 60 per kg, shewanti at Rs 80 per kg, roses at Rs 80 to 120 per kg and Dussehra garland at Rs 50 per kg. In retail, the rate is expected to increase by Rs 20. Citizens were seen buying apatya leaves in large quantities today.

What is the price of flowers?

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Marigold – 60 kg
Shevanti-80 kg
Rose : 80 to 120
Dussehra Mal: ​​Rs

Dadarcha Full Bazar Gajabajala

The flower market in Dadar is also crowded with citizens. Crowds of people are seen buying fruits and flowers. For the Dussehra which is tomorrow, the shopping for the citizens is almost started. The fuss of social distance is blown away. Many are seen in the market without masks. Traffic congestion in Dadar, Elphiston, Lower Parel has affected traffic. People are seen walking around in awe that the corona is over.

Marigold at Rs 100 in Washim?

Marigold flowers are in great demand during the festive season. As a result, the harvesting of marigolds in Washim district has gained momentum. Marigold cultivation in Washim district has more than halved this year due to fears of a lockdown in the backdrop of two years of corona. In addition, some farmers have flourished marigold cultivation and farmers have taken marigold flowers to the Hyderabad market. He expects farmers to get a price of Rs 100 per kg on the day of Dussehra.

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(Flower prices bloom ahead of Dussehra festival)

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