A case of theft! Sitting in Kalyan-Badlapur, the unique face of the thieves, the Karad police also went round | Satara Karad Police arrest mobile thieves from Thane who steal Mobiles through online

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Satara: There is no guarantee that thieves will fight for theft. We are hearing many incidents like burglary, mobile, chain snatching. But now thieves are also better at stealing online. In particular, the police have nabbed a gang living in cities like Kalyan and Badlapur in Thane district and ordering goods directly in Satara district. When the police came to know about the thieves, they also went on a rampage.

What exactly is the case?

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In the city of Karad, the number of mobile thieves was on the rise by deceiving couriers by ordering mobiles online. Catching those thieves was a challenge for the Karad police. He studied technical information and used various investigative skills. Meanwhile, Karad City Crime Branch personnel searched for the suspects. The arrested accused confessed to the crime.

How exactly did the accused commit the crime?

The incident took place in Karad town in Satara district. The accused used to order the mobile online. He used to pay half delivery to the delivery boy after the online mobile arrived at the specified address. From there he would invest the money in the delivery boy. In the meantime, he would take the mobile from the delivery boy and open the box of the mobile. He used to take out his mobile phone and put soap in it with great cunning. Then he would shout that there was only soap in the box and that he had been cheated. He also used to send the delivery boy back saying that he has enough money now. Such incidents were frequent.

How did the police handcuff the accused?

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The incidence of such thefts online had increased in the city. Therefore, handcuffing the thieves in this case was a big challenge for the Karad police. Police studied technical information and used various investigative skills. He came to know that the accused was from Kalyan, Badlapur city in Thane district. Karad City Crime Branch personnel then searched for the suspects. He then handcuffed the accused from Kalyan, Badlapur. He also confessed to the crime while interrogating the accused. The accused had defrauded a total of Rs 1 lakh 69 thousand 967.

Five lakh items seized from the accused

The arrested have been identified as Robin Anthony Aroja (26), Kiran Amrit Bansode (24), Rahul Machhindra Rathod (21), Rocky Dinesh Karne (21) and Ganesh Bramhadev Tiwari (39). Police seized 2 cars, 1 laptop, 8 mobiles, 14 different Aadhaar cards and materials used for fraud as well as valuables worth Rs 5 lakh 26 thousand from the arrested accused.

Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar Bansal, Upper Superintendent of Police Ajit Borhade, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Dr. Under the guidance of Ranjit Patil and BR Patil, Senior Inspector of Police, Karad City Police Station, Amit Babar, Chief and Assistant Inspector of Police, Crime Disclosure Branch.


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